Best Fiends Gold Bars Guide

Best Fiends Gold Bars Guide 1

There’s Gold!

Gold or gold bars are one of the currencies you can spend while playing Best Fiends. For simplicity, I will just say gold from now on.

What is gold used for, and how do you get more of it?

I will answer both of these questions in this guide!

What Is Gold?

Gold is a currency in Best Fiends. Along with diamonds it is one of the premium currencies in the game.

Unlike diamonds, though you can get gold bars from playing the game.

What Is Gold Used For?

Gold has multiple uses in the game.

  • Buy keys to open crates.
  • Buy Mega Boosts.
  • Buy more energy to keep playing the game.
  • Buy VIP time.
  • Continue levels after running out of moves.
  • Unlock most fiend styles.
  • Unlock some fiends.

How Do You Get Gold?

There are two ways to get gold.

Buying gold is one of the microtransactions offered in the game.

The Best Fiends Gold store.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

But let’s be honest. Most people want to know about getting gold for free.

Well, you can get gold for free by playing the game. Recently the game made it so that more quests and events give gold than in the past.

How to Get Gold for Free in Best Fiends

Most of the gold you earn will be from daily quests and events. These events and quests change frequently. Check the game to see the current events.

The daily quests give gold if you make enough progress in the game.

Events tend to give gold as milestone rewards while working towards unlocking a new fiend or a fend style.

An event in Best Fiends that gives gold.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

If you complete the hard versions of earthworm levels, you will earn golden levels. Golden levels make it so that the next world map level you play will have gold bars on it for you to collect.

You can also earn gold bars from completing the hardest earthworm events. But I don’t recommend this as they are a bit too hard for me.

The reward for beating the captain slug's treasure Best Fiends earthworm level.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

Sometimes you can get gold if you finish a month of check-ins at Buggles’ Post Office.

Best Fiends Gold Bars Guide 2
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

How Should I Spend My Gold Bars Part One

First, let’s consider all the options available and rate these options.

Buy Mega Boosts

In the past, I did not spend gold on Mega boosts often. But now, I think they are a viable option. Sometimes a Mega Boost can help you finish the hardest levels that you would be stuck on for days otherwise.

I often use mega boosts to help me win an earthworm level I am stuck on or to make progress in fiend quests.

The cost to buy Mega Boost in Best Fiends.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

Buy More Energy to Keep Playing the Game

To get more energy, you have to wait. While being patient and waiting is boring, I can’t justify using gold for something so temporary.

You get extra energy from competing events enough of the time that I don’t see a reason to buy energy with gold.

You can also spin the wheel of fortune often. You get more than enough energy to keep playing the game when you run out of energy.

You can get extra enegry from wheel spins.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

There are other ways to get extra energy as well. Buying energy is not a good idea.

You can buy enegry in Best Fiends.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

Buy Keys to Open Crates

You get plenty of keys while playing the game. Out of all the options, buying keys seems a bit of a waste.

If you desperately wanted to level a certain fiend buying keys is a way to make it happen. But don’t expect to be too excited at what you get.

The Best Fiends Temper key shop.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

Unlock Some Fiends

You unlock most fiends (except epic fiends) by playing the game. There is little reason to use gold to unlock a fiend.

I suppose using gold to unlock an earthworm is the not worst thing you can buy. Spending gold might be worth it if you wanted an earthworm fiend but can’t be bothered to play their levels anymore.

But I still would recommend against using your gold this way.

It costs 250 gold to unlock Miguel.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

Unlock Most Fiend Styles

Using gold bars is the only way to unlock some fiend styles. I suppose this is a good use of gold.

But I don’t use most fiends. I would only stick to using gold to unlock styles for fiends I know I will use often.

The cost to unlock the Best Fiends Gift Box Bob skin.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

Continue Levels After Running Out of Moves

I rarely will use gold to continue a level if I have lost. I try to only spend gold on extra moves if I am sure I will win the level with the extra moves.

I might spend gold for moves if it means keeping a win streak bonus active. I sometimes spend gold this way when close to completing a daily quest or event.

You can continue levels when you run out of moves in Best Fiends.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

Buy VIP time

Buying VIP is an interesting option. You get more than just unlimited energy. The instant wheel of fortune spins is nice when events require it.

I have not bought VIP in a long time. But I would consider in the future possibly.

The cost of VIP in Best Fiends.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

How Should I Spend My Gold Bars Part Two

So here are the options I would seriously consider using gold for, and they are ranked in terms of importance.

  1. Buying Mega Boosts
  2. Buying Fiend Styles
  3. Continuing lost levels
  4. VIP

My Thoughts on Gold

You used to be able to unlock epic fiends with gold. But in the past, gold was much harder to get.

You can’t use gold to buy epic fiends or diamonds anymore. Now gold is a common resource that is very easily earned.

I had to rethink my strategy on spending gold.

I save my gold for mega boosts or unlocking certain fiend styles.