Best Fiends Mega Boost Guide

Learn About Best Fiends Mega Boost

I frequently saw popups and reminders to use mega boosts in Best Fiends. I was curious enough to learn about them to pay gold to get a boost.

In this post, I will explain what Best Fiends mega boosts are. I will also explain if I think they are worth spending gold on.

What Do Mega boosts Boosts Do?

Mega boosts are a temporary upgrade you can purchase. There are three purchase options.

  • 50 gold for 10 minutes.
  • 75 gold for 20 minutes.
  • 90 gold for 30 minutes.
9:51 mega boost time left.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

While boosted you receive these bonuses.

  • Fiends do more damage.
  • Five extra moves while playing levels.
  • You start levels with bombs and powerups on them.
  • You get VIP membership for the length of the boost.
Best Fiends mega boost is activated.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

When to Use Mega boosts

  • When you are stuck on a hard level.
  • To make progress in an event.
  • To beat a lot of levels right away.
  • To get to the max win streak bonus fast.
The purple glow you see when you have mega boost active.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

Are Mega Boosts Worth the Cost?

No. The boosts are too short and cost too much. If they were cheaper or lasted longer, it would be a good deal.

I feel there needs to be more value here somehow. Maybe make the boosts last longer. Make the effects stronger.

Perhaps the rewards you get at the end of levels is boosted as well.

I don’t see why anyone would choose to spend gold on mega boosts instead of just getting VIP. With unlimited energy, you can just retry levels until you eventually win.

The mega boost is over. I beat four levels and defeated 23 slugs.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

My Overall Thoughts on Mega Boosts

Mega boosts are a neat idea. But in their current state, only people who buy gold will be able to use them often.

It would be cool if you could get boosts as rewards or earn them.

But I suspect mega boosts were added as a way to make more money. So it seems highly unlikely there will ever be a way to get them for free.