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Contact Me Page

How to Send Me Feedback or Ask Questions

Want to contact me about AndroidGamingFox? My main method of contact is my email [email protected]. My name is Eric Farmer.

Feel Free to Message Me About Games

Want a blog post about your Android game? Feel free to send me details about it.

If you have a mobile puzzle game or a word game, I will even be more likely to write about it. These types of games are my favorite.

If you can share screenshots, videos, pictures, or any important information about your game, that will make the process a lot easier.

Content I Will Write for Android Game Developers

  • Android Game spotlight posts
  • Android Game reviews
  • Interviews and Q and A sessions related to Android games.

No Guest Posts or Sponsored Content

I don’t accept guest posts or sponsored content.

No exceptions.

That means you!

My policy is to ignore all emails related to guest posts or promotion/sponsored content. Or any of the other weird spam emails people send me. Thankfully Google often marks it correctly, and I don’t see it.