Contact Me Page

Contact Me Page

How to Send Me Feedback or Ask Questions

Want to contact me about AndroidGamingFox? My main method of contact is my email [email protected] My name is Eric Farmer.

Feel Free to Message Me About Games

Want a blog post about your game? Feel free to send me details about it.

If you can share screenshots, videos, pictures, or any important information about your game, that will make the process a lot easier.

Content I Will Write for Developers

  • Game spotlight posts
  • Game reviews
  • Interviews and Q and A sessions

Guest Post Guidelines

Guest Posts About Android Games or Apps Please!

Right now, I am currently open to guest posts. If you can write about an Android game or review one feel free to email me.

I might accept a post about Android apps. Maybe. It depends on the app and what your pitch is. Note that I don’t write about apps that are not games often.

If you are not reviewing or writing about an Android game or app, then I don’t want your guest post. Let’s not waste each others time.

Well, you can waste your time emailing me if you want. But I will ignore you if it is not about Android gaming.

You Can’t Bribe Me Into Posting Your Spam

I don’t accept paid guest posts. Not worth the trouble or effort.

From experience most requests for guest posts are spammy and not a fit for my website anyway. So I decided to just not accept any.

If you want to write a post about Android games, I will publish it for free if it looks good.

Guest Post Advice

If you want to submit an Android game to review, please check out my review guidelines. So you have an idea of how I write reviews.

If you can submit screenshots as well, that is a big plus.

I will publish the post under your name, and you can link back to your own website or related content.

Guest Post Rules

  • I will proofread the post and edit the post.
  • I may change the text or the title of a post.
  • I will add my own pictures to the post.
  • I will edit the SEO data and category of the post as I want.