Earnings Disclosure Page

Eric Farmer
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I Will Tell You When I Make Money

As a responsible website owner, I will notify you the viewer of when and how I make money with content and your activity.

Sponsored Content

I will notify you if I write sponsored content.

Affiliate Link Details

 If I use an affiliate program to promote a service or an application, I will let you know.

Affiliate links are when a business pays me money to recommend services to you. I make money based on your activity and purchases with the sponsoring company. 

Earning Money with Ads

I make money with ad revenue. My website shows you AdSense ads based on Google tracking, adverting preference, and my own AdSense Contributor settings.

Ways to Avoid Seeing Ads

If you do not like viewing ads, I recommend you use an adblocker. While I would like if you supported my content by viewing ads, I don’t blame if you refuse to do so.

Ublock Origin

I highly recommend using Ublock Origin. This GitHub page has links and instructions on how to install the adblocker on most web browsers.

Privacy Badger

If you want to prevent website tracking, even more, I recommend using this Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) addon, Privacy Badger.