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About AndroidGamingFox

Why I Started This Blog

My name is Eric Farmer.

I wanted to write about Android games because I enjoy mobile games. I want to use the countless hours I have playing Android games to write content on these games.

My motivation for this blog is I want to write for myself instead of publishing on other platforms. I wanted complete control of the process.

I used to write and publish content on online writing platforms often. Now I focus on writing content for my website.

The Things I Write About

I mostly write about the games I like to play, and I like puzzle games the most. I often play match-three games. But I also like word games.

I will give almost any Android puzzle game a try once (if it looks good or I want to write about it.)

I sometimes will write reviews on different types of mobile games, I suppose.

My Experience Playing Video Games

I started playing video games with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The first game that I can remember playing is Super Mario World. Super Mario World is also the first game that I remember doing everything in. Or 100% completing, as some might say.

I don’t remember the first computer game I played. But the first one I remember playing is Diablo.

The first Android games I remember playing are Angry Birds (the first one. Remember Angry birds?) and Candy Crush Saga.

Here are video game systems I have played. I have played a lot of them over the years.

  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Nintendo 64 (N64)
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Nintendo Gameboy
  • Nintendo Gameboy Advance
  • Nintendo Gameboy color
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive)
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Sony PlayStation 2
  • Xbox
  • Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the last system I bought for myself. I have been a computer and mobile gamer since.

My Professional Writing Experience

I have done some paid freelance writing in the past. Just some quick work for a few dollars. Nothing I can remember anymore.

I have written over 70 articles (hubs) for Hubpages. This is my profile!

Of course, I write content for AndroidGamingFox! I have so far written over 100 posts. I am the only content writer for the website.