About AndroidGamingFox

About AndroidGamingFox

Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog to express the love I have for Android games.

I have a gaming computer, and I frequently play games on Steam.

But I have always enjoyed Android games in a special way that not even my favorite Steam games can replicate.

I want to use the countless hours I have playing Android games to write content on these games.

I hope there is at least one post on my blog that you will enjoy reading.

The Things I Write About

Since I play match-three games a lot, most of my posts will about them. Match-three games are the type of games I have played the most on Android, and I can easily write about them.

I will be honest. I mostly only write about games I like or know about.

But as the blog grows, I will eventually start to write about more popular games and try other types of games.

I Play Video Games – Just Thought You Might Want to Know

I have a strong love for playing video games. But I don’t consider myself a “gamer.” I mostly only play what I like, and I don’t follow news or trends much.

Right now, I mostly play the same five or so games on Steam often.

Of course, I play Android games often! I can make progress in a game even if I only have about 5 or 10 minutes to spare.

My Professional Writing Experience

I have done some paid freelance writing in the past. Just some quick work for a few dollars. Nothing I can remember anymore.

I have written over 70 articles (hubs) for Hubpages. This is my profile!