The Current Games I Am Playing

Learn About What Games I Play

On this page, I will share whatever Android games I am currently playing. I will also state why I am playing the game.

  • This list will be in alphabetical order.
  • I am currently focused on playing 5 games.
  • This list was last updated on 2020/12/13.

Best Fiends

I play Best Fiends often because there is always something to do and I like to play the game often.

I am on level 506.

Best Fiends Stars

I like how simple and fun Best Fiends Stars is. I play the game somewhat often.

I am on level 272.

Cookie Cats

I don’t play the game too often, but I still play it. I still love the look and feel of Cookie Cats to give it up.

I am on level 126.

Toy Blast

Toy Blast is one of my favorite Android games.

I play the game often as you can make huge progress in minutes. I love the fast and quick pacing of the game, and I play Toy Blast often.

I am on level 386.


Wordament is a game I feel I play forever.

The single player levels are fun. The multiplayer section is very fun and rewarding to play many times.