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I Express My Opinion in My Android Game Reviews

All Reviews Are My Opinion

All author Android game reviews express my opinion. You might disagree with my statements. I am biased towards certain games as I don’t like to play every genre of a mobile game.

I do not spend money on games often. If you are curious to learn if spending money on an Android game is a good idea or not, I won’t help too much.

Android Game Review Criteria

I review games based on four key points.

  1. Gameplay
  2. Presentation
  3. Spending Factor
  4. Annoyance Level


What Is the Gameplay Review Section?

For gameplay, I go over how fun the game is to play and other related things. I consider factors such as how good the controls of the game are. If the game feels good and if the game works.

Game Play Review Examples

A five would mean an almost perfect game. A one would mean a game that doesn’t work or is boring.


What Is the Presentation Review Section?

Presentation is about how good the game looks and sounds. I know these things are subjective. For me, a game doesn’t have to look photo-realistic to look good. The game needs to have an art style that is used well.

I tend to be more critical of music as most games have forgettable throwaway songs and songs.

Presentation Review Example

A one rating here would mean a very ugly game or something that is so bad I have a hard time playing the game. The game either looks terrible or sounds very bad.

Spending Factor

What Is the Spending Factor Review Section?

Spending Factor is about how fair the game is towards players who don’t spend money. I don’t spend money on mobile games most of the time. So, I cannot review how good a value you get from your money. I do comment on if things seem crazy over the top though or if the game has a very greedy pay model.

Spending Factor Review Examples

A review score of one means a greedy mess of a game. This is the kind of a game that needs players to spend money to progress in the game. A five would mean a game that you pay for once and that is it. Or a free to play a game with very fair purchases.

Annoyance Level

What Is the Annoyance Level Review Section?

Despite being on the bottom of reviews, this is the most important decisions on if I will play a game or not. Annoyance Factor is how annoyed I am while playing a game. There are multiple things that impact this. Here are some of them.

Things I Consider When Scoring the Annoyance Factor

  • How many ads a game shows if there are ads.
  • If the game makes you wait for things to happen and how long.
  • How spammy is the game with pop-ups and other messages?

Annoyance Level Review Examples

A one rating would be a game so annoying I would stop playing it and delete it (if I was not reviewing the game). A five rating is a game that has almost no annoyance at all. The game lets you have fun and play it without nagging you.

Overall Score

What Is the Overall Score?

I base the overall score on the average (the mean) of the previous scores. I tend to be fair and round up when considering this score.

Overall Score Examples

Terrible Game

An overall score of one is a game that is so bad I would not play it outside of reviewing it. These are the kinds of games that give mobile gaming a bad reputation. A game with a score of five is one of the best. Perfect or almost perfect in all areas. Don’t expect to see many of these.

Great Game

A game with a score of five is one of the bests. Perfect or almost perfect in all areas. Don’t expect to see many of these.

Android game Review Pictures

Every Android game review will have an overall score picture. This picture shows how I feel about the game.