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The Greed of Best Fiends

The Greed of Best Fiends 1

Why I Wrote This Post

Best Fiends is a popular match-three game made by Seriously.

I enjoy the game a lot, and I gave it a good review.

But recently, there have been a change to the game I can’t ignore. In this post, I am going to explain the terrible changes the developers recently made to Best Fiends and why these changes are bad.

Unique Fiends Now Cost Money

Previously you could unlock unique fiends by spending enough time playing during events and making progress in the game. The progress made was pretty slow. But at least you could eventually get these fiends. That is how I unlocked the one unique fiend I have. Karma.

Unique fiends make the game considerably easier to play and beat. While they are not required to beat the game, they help out a lot.

The only way to get unique fiends now is to spend money. There is no other way to get fiends.

This is the epic fiend Karma. He is level 20.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

Unique Fiends Cost Way Too Much Money

The fiend Bam with a description. Bam costs $29.99 USD.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

Unique fiends cost $30!

I don’t even spend $30 anymore on games I buy on Steam anymore most of the time (thanks Steam sales). I might pay $30 for an app if was a one-time purchase.

But $30 for an in-app purchase? Now that is greed you only tend to see in mobile games.

To unlock every unique fiend it would cost $240! The only way I describe this kind of purchase is greed.

Who doesn't want to be like Scrooge McDuck and swim in gold coins!?
Picture from DuckTales. A cartoon made by Disney.

Why This Is a Bad Idea

I don’t have problems with developers making money in their games. I also am not bothered by most in-app purchases in games. I am not too bothered by ads in games either.

Making money is a motivation many people have for creating content.

I have ads on my blog to make money. It would be hypocritical for me to call others greedy for trying to make money when I want to make money as well.

But some people take things too far. Some people push things to the limits. This kind of unrelenting greed convinces people that mobile games are not real games.

The AndroidGamingFox is angry and looks annoyed.

How the Developers Can Fix This Issue

I feel if Seriously cared about the players, they would revert this change to allow people to unlock fiends with gold bars again.

Or at least make the price to unlock unique fiends be cheaper. $30 for one fiend is way too much money. $30 to unlock every unique fiend would be nice.

But that probably won’t ever happen. Here I am debating buying another epic fiend even though I said I wouldn’t. Sigh.