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Best Fiends VS Best Fiends Stars

The Best Fiends vs Best Fiends Stars featured image.

Who Are the Real Best Fiends?

Best Fiends and Best Fiends Stars are two games by Seriously. There are both similar style match-three games.

In this post, I am going to compare both games and decide the better best fiends game.

How the Post Works

I am going to compare both games on several key points.

  • What game is more fun?
  • What game is less annoying?
  • What game has the better presentation?

Information About the Games

Both games are match-three games made by Seriously. Best Fiends is the first game made by Seriously. Best Fiends Stars is the third game.

Best Fiends Stars was released after Best Fiends Forever. That is not a match-three game, though.

My Past Experiences With the Games

Best Fiends

I started to play Best Fiends after hearing about it from a YouTube video. I thought it looked fun, so I gave the game a try.

I still play the game often as there is a lot to do, and I enjoy playing it.

Best Fiends Stars

I found out about Best Fiends Stars on Google Play while looking around. I don’t play Best Fiends Stars often as Best Fiends, but I enjoy playing it.

What Game Is More Fun to Play?

Basic Game Mechanics Compared

The games play about the same. They both feature matching based on connecting pieces in a line and solving puzzles. Both games have obstacles, and in both games, you defeat slugs.

Best Fiends Stars feels a bit more simple when compared to Best Fiends.

Best Fiends Stars feels like a traditional saga type match-three game. Best Fiends feels like a game with leveling mechanics with a match-three game attached to it.

In Best Fiends, you have multiple resources to manage, and you have to decide what fiends to level up and bring on levels.

Best Fiends Stars simplifies all of this. All upgrades and fiend selection happen automatically.

It is hard to decide what version I like better. As I like both games and I play both often.

Recently I have been playing Best Fiends Stars more often. I like that Best Friends Stars is quicker to get into and start playing.

Level Types Compared

Both games have levels that are about the same. You defeat slugs or get rid of certain obstacles. Best Fiends Stars has slightly different obstacles and level objectives.

Best Fiends has more level types, and there are multiple things to do other than just beat world map levels. There are earthworm levels and fiend quests. If you somehow beat every world map level (I want to know who you are and how you did this), the game has a mode for playing levels after that. You can play Best Fiends for a very long time.

As far as I know and remember, Best Fiends Stars only has world map levels. There are a lot of them as well, but overall, the game is much simpler.

I like the more streamlined approach that Best Fiends Stars has. But I also like having the option of doing slightly different things in Best Fiends. I like both games for different reasons.

Game Events and Extra Content Compared

Both games have similar types of in-game events, and they have daily and longer events that require you to play the game and do repetitive stuff.

Both Best Fiend match-three games have seasons. But they are slightly different in how they work. I feel the seasons in Best Fiends are a bit more involved and have more detail.

It is hard to say which game has better events, as they are about the same. I can’t say the events in one game are much better than the other.

The events in Best Fiends feel a bit more rewarding and take longer. While the events in Best Fiends Stars feel more simple and easy to do.

I feel more motivated to complete Best Fiends events. I feel more invested in them. But I am not ready to say they are better.

Overall Gameplay Comparison

Best Fiends is more complex, and there is a lot to manage. Best Fiends Stars is more streamlined, and it is a much simpler game to get into. Best Fiends feels more like a time commitment to get anything done and requires lots of planning. You can jump right into Best Fiends Stars and not miss much.

I like the games for different reasons. I like playing Best Fiends to upgrade fiends and unlock new things. I like playing Best Fiends Stars to pass the time.

I feel the first Best Fiends is slightly more fun. The game feels more interesting to play, and I feel like I accomplish more while playing it.

As much as I talk about Best Fiends Stars being easier to get into and play, I don’t play it much at all anymore. It feels just like any other match-three game I already play.

Best Fiends app icon.
Screenshot of Best Fiends app icon on Google Play.

What Game Is Less Annoying?

Number of Ads

Both games only have optional ads. I suppose you could watch video ads much more often in Best Fiends for rewards.

Other Annoyances

Both games nag you do buy something almost every chance they get. The games use sales so often I think it is a marketing trick to sell you thinks be pretending the sale price is not the normal price.

If Best Fiends were a person, they would be very annoying. Never shut up about anything; they remind you of things every chance they get.

Best Fiends Stars is less annoying

Both games can be quite annoying sometimes. But I feel Best Fiends Stars is a somewhat more pleasant experience overall.

The Best Fiends Stars app icon.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars app icon on Google Play.

What Game has the Better Presentation?

Appearance Comparison

The games look about the same. Since they are both made by the same developer, this makes sense. Both games even share some of the same characters. Best Fiends Stars introduces a few new ones.

I am not very descriptive, so all I can say is that Best Fiends Stars looks more shiny and even more like a mobile game. Even though they are both mobile games.

I feel Best Fiends Stars has a slightly better look. I suppose this is because the game is newer.

Sound Comparison

The sounds and music in both games are very similar. Both games even share a few songs.

I feel it is a bit too hard to decide what game has better sounds or music since they are about the same.

Best Fiends Stars Has the Better Presentation

Best Stars looks slightly better.

The Best Fiends Stars app icon.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars app icon on Google Play.

Overall Thoughts on Both Games

Best Fiends has much more in it, and it feels more complex and had slightly deeper mechanics. It is not just a match-three game.

Best Fiends Stars feels like a simple match-three game like many others. It is much more simplified. I like that the game is a lot easier to get into.

Best Fiends is the Winner!

I just feel more interested in playing Best Fiends. There is nothing wrong with Best Fiends Stars, and I like the game. But it does not hold my attention like the original game does.

I often only play Best Fiends Stars if I don’t want to play Best Fiends while waiting for another event to start. I think that says a lot about how much I like Best Fiends Stars.