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Best Fiends Stars Review

The Best Fiends Stars review featured image.

Even More Best Fiends!

Best Fiends Stars is the third game in the Best Fiends mobile game series. Best Fiends Stars is a linking match three game.

In this review, I am going to describe what I think about the game. I will also make some comparisons to Best Fiends.

About the Review

  • I played Best Fiends Stars for several months before this review.
  • At the time of this review, I was on level 277.
The Best Fiends Stars loading screen. Multiple fiends are shown.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

Gameplay Review

The Game Is Quite Fun

Best Fiends Stars is just as fun as Best Fiends. I like that there are multiple level types and things in the levels.

While some of the levels are quite hard, the game is pretty fun to play.

A Best Fiends Stars level. This level has a volcaon on it.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

There Are Many Levels in Best Fiends Stars

Like most match three games there hundreds of levels already. I suppose this is good as it gives you plenty of things to do.

About the Fiends

There are some new fiends here, and they are cute and fun as the rest of the fiends.

Unlike in Best Fiends, you unlock and power up fiends by playing the game. You no longer have to spend resources on leveling up fiends.

This transitions well into the next gameplay topic.

Best Fiends Stars Is More Simple Than Best Fiends

Best Fiends Stars is much more of a simple game compared to Best Fiends.

Overall Best Fiends Stars feels more like a traditional match three games. Best Fiends feels more like an RPG with puzzle elements added to it.

The Differences

  • You don’t need resources to unlock and level up fiends.
  • There are much simpler events, and they don’t have many parts in them.
  • Most events are only a few days or so. Best Fiends events can last over a month.
  • There is only one type of level to play.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

The game looks good enough.

The game looks about as good as Best Fiends does. It seems to a slightly more cartoony look.

The Best Fiends Stars world map.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

How the Game Sounds

The game sounds good enough I suppose.

Some of the music is reused from Best Fiends. The song that plays in levels still sounds as good as ever.

The new world map music is decent.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Sells a Currency

You Can Buy Coins. Coins can be used on level boosters, power-ups, and to continue levels after you lose.

The Best Fiends Stars store. There are multiple coin bundles to buy.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

The Game Sells a Star Pass

The Star Pass allows you to get more rewards from star leagues.

The Star Pass costs $6 (USD) each Star League. The rewards are nice, but the cost is a bit too high.

For this pass to be worth buying, one or all of these changes would need to be made.

  • The pass needs to be able to be used for more than one league.
  • The pass needs to be cheaper.
  • The pass needs to give more rewards.
The Best Fiends Stars star pass.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

It is quite fair. While you won’t get as many league rewards without buying a star pass, you still will get something.

Also, the game has frequent events that help players.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

The game sometimes nags you to buy things.

The game does not do this too often. But I wish games would stop with the nagging. I will buy something if I want to!

These tactics start to feel pushy.

My Overall Thoughts About Best Fiends Stars

Compared to the original Best Fiends Stars is much simpler. I would not say this game replaces Best Fiends. Best Fiends Stars is something to play alongside it.

The game does enough right that I enjoy playing it and would recommend it.

Do I Recommend People Play Best Fiends Stars?

If you like Best Fiends, you will like Best Fiends Stars.

If Best Fiends seems too complex, I would give Best Fiends Stars a try.

Will I Keep Playing This Game?

I will. This is one of the games I play frequently.