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Candy Crush Saga Jelly Levels Guide

Candy Crush Saga Jelly Levels Guide 1

Time to Crush Some Jelly!

Jelly Levels are one of the types of levels in Candy Crush Saga. In this guide, I am going to explain what jelly levels are and how to beat them.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free

What Is Jelly in Candy Crush Saga?

Jelly is a blocker that appears on jelly levels in Candy Crush Saga. Jelly can also appear on Mixed Mode levels.

Jelly is a special type of blocker. It will be on candy and other pieces on the board as an extra layer. There are two types of jelly. Double layer jelly will need to be matched twice to clear it. Jelly can be underneath other blockers and these blockers will need to be cleared first.

A Candy Crush Saga jelly level.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

How to Beat Jelly Levels

You need to clear all of the jelly. Once all pieces of jelly on a level are removed, the level will end.

Advice on Beating Jelly Levels

Focus On Clearing Jelly When Possible

Always focus on clearing the jelly above all else! A match on a jelly square is almost always the best thing you can do with a move. Especially if there are only a few pieces of jelly left. You don’t always need special candy. Winning a level with a simple match 3 move works just fine.

A jelly in Candy Crush Saga that can be cleared with a single match.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Avoid Making Matches That Don’t Help Finish a Level

Sometimes the game will recommend you create a special candy that is not helpful. Remember, you don’t always have to create a special candy just because a match is available!

Often the biggest issue I have with jelly levels is running out of moves because there is one stubborn piece of jelly I can’t get. You need to plan and think about your matches. Try to avoid making a match if doesn’t lead to anything. But sometimes the game won’t give you much of a choice, and you will have to make some pointless matches.

Some Jelly Spots Are Harder to Clear Than Others

Try to target jelly in the corners and bottom of levels first. These spots tend to be trouble spots. I often lose a jelly level because of one piece stuck in one of these places I just could not get. You can try to avoid this from happening by getting these spots first.

Jelly near the top of a level is sometimes hard to clear. Often by creating cascades when you make matches, these spots get cleared while working on other jelly pieces.

Clear Out Blockers That Are in the Way

Try to target jelly under other blockers early on as well. You don’t want to be struck frantically trying to clear some frosting or a licorice shell with few moves left.

A Candy Crush Saga jelly level with licorice shells and frosting.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Some levels place jelly under a huge blocker like a cake bomb. You will want to remove this blocker right away! But if a blocker is not stopping candy from falling into a level or the way, you don’t need to worry too much about it.

Always be careful if there are bombs on the level. Not even extra moves can save you if a bomb explodes!

A Candy Crush Saga jelly level with a green bomb that explodes in 11 moves.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

What Is Jelly Fish?

How Jelly Fish in Candy Crush Saga Work

A Candy Crush Saga jelly fish.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

Jelly fish is a special candy and a booster that you can use at the start of jelly levels. Jellyfish can naturally appear on some levels. They even sometimes show on non jelly levels, weirdly enough.

When you use the booster, jellyfish will appear on the current level. The exact amount seems to vary by the level. In some levels only one jellyfish appears, and that is it. In other levels multiple show up in the level as you make matches.

A Candy Crush Saga level with a jellyfish start.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

When you match a jellyfish, it will target three squares on the game board with jelly and try to clear it. I am not sure how the game decides what spot to target. It seems random, and I will assume it is.

Jelly Fish Special Candy Matches

You can match jellyfish with other special candies for interesting effects.

  • Jelly Fish + Color Bomb: Multiple jellyfish target and remove jelly.
  • Jelly Fish + Striped Candy: The jellyfish create striped candies where they land.
  • Jelly Fish + Wrapped Candy: The jellyfish create wrapped candies where they land.

You can learn more about what happens when you match special candies in my Candy Crush Saga special candy guide.

Pictures of all the combination matches you can make with jelly fish.
Picture is from Candy Crush Saga Fandom page.

When to Use Jelly Fish Boosters?

The jellyfish booster is very useful. It is arguably the best level start booster, second to lucky candies. I would use this booster on any jelly level you are stuck on. Jelly levels can be hard sometimes. So if you need a little extra help, use this booster.

Keep in mind the jellyfish booster is not very common. So if you use it, often you will run out pretty quickly. That is what happened to me anyway.