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Toy Blast Coins Guide

A pile of coins from Toy Blast.

Learn About Coins in Toy Blast

If you want to best hard levels in Toy Blast, you will need to spend coins often.

In this guide, I will go over all the ways to get coins for free in Toy Blast.

Toy Blast
Toy Blast
Developer: Peak
Price: Free

Spin the Toy Wheel

Spin the toy wheel every day. One of the wheel spots gives coins.

You won’t get coins from the wheel often. But you will get useful powerups and boosters.

It only takes about a minute. You might as well do it every day.

The Toy Blast toy wheel.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

Complete Daily Quests

Every day there is a quest you can complete. Doing these daily quests is one way to build up coins.

The quests are normally easy but require you to beat multiple levels to complete them.

The rotor Monday daily quest.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

Play During Star Tournaments

Competing in star tournaments is another way to get coins.

You only get coins when you finish in the top three spots.

The competition is pretty fierce. I played the game for hours and beat tens of levels, and that alone would not have secured a top three finish.

But it is worthwhile to play during these events even if you can’t finish in the top three spots. Because you still will receive rewards.

Open Star Chests

You open star Chests after beating levels and earning stars. Earning stars is a nice way to get extra powerups and coins.

If you play during a star tournament, you will probably open multiple star chests.

During Treasure Hunt events you can open chests for powerups and coins after beating levels.

The Toy Blast star chest. You need to collect 20 stars to open the chest.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

Open Treasure Hunt Chests

Getting to these chests is an easy way to get coins.

If there is an event that gives you a bonus for keeping a winning streak, treasure hunt events will be even easier.

The Toy Blast treasure hunt event.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.