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Cookie Cats Review

Cookie Cats review featured image.

Cookie Cats Review Information

I have played this game for over a year, and I have played this game on multiple devices. I decided to review the game because it is a favorite of mine, and I play it often.

Cookie Cats
Cookie Cats
Developer: Tactile Games
Price: Free

How I Played the Game

  • Android app on my Chromebook
  • My LG V20 smartphone
  • The Google Chrome web browser

Cookie Cats Gameplay Review

What Kind of Game Is Cookie Cats?

Cookie Cats is a match three puzzle game. You link cookies together to clear them and solve puzzles. There are many levels to play and each one has an objective to solve.

Well-Made Game

The game works great. I had no issues with the controls or game play.

A Cookie Cats level. Cookies and rocks are visible.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

Saga Style Map

The game has a huge map of levels. The map Cookie Cats has is very fun. The map is alive with things moving around it. The map is fun to explore and look at, and there are many things to see.

The Cookie Cats map.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

Three Star Levels

Like in most games you can earn three stars for beating levels.

I used to like systems like these in games, but now I find them somewhat annoying. The reason being in most cases the stars you earn do not matter anyway.

There are a few reasons to earn more stars on levels. You earn rewards in one event for getting many stars. You can unlock some characters for earning many stars.

Variety in Levels

There are many types of levels to play. In most of the levels, you feed the cats cookies. The game mixes things up enough it does not get stale as fast as some other match three games I have played.

There are also plenty of blockers and things to figure out when solving the puzzles. I like this as it adds some difficulty to the game.

Two of the Cookie Cats blockers. Vines and rocks.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

Cookie Cats Is Very Hard Sometimes

Some levels in Cookie Cats feel a tad bit too hard. It is always hard for me to comment on the difficulty of match three games. Some people think some levels are insanely hard and to others it was easy.

All I can say is for me some levels felt a bit too hard. I ended up playing a few specific levels many times to beat them once.

About Events

The game has events often. There are multiple types of events in the game. I enjoy the events as they give you a reason to play the game outside of beating new levels.

Event Examples

  • Beat levels on an extra map without losing one.
  • Beat levels on an extra map.
  • Beat levels to open presents on the map.
  • Compete against other players to earn more stars.

Daily Challenges

Cookie Cats has daily challenges. If you beat so many of these levels in a month, you earn rewards. You earn free coins and entries into tournaments by beating daily challenge levels.


The game has tournaments you can enter. It costs tickets to enter these events. You get tickets by buying them or getting them in daily challenges.

Social Challenges

You play these levels with a group of people on an extra map. These extra challenges are a nice way to play new levels and get things to make the main game easier.

If you start a social challenge but stop playing the game will kick you off the map after so long.

Cookie Cats events. Tournament, Social Challenge, and daily quest.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

Cookie Cats Presentation Review

The Game Looks Great

Cookie Cats has a great art style. I love the cartoon look of the game. I tend to enjoy playing bright and colorful games the most.

The Game Has Great Music

The music in Cookie Cats is amazing. I love the laid-back soundtrack. The soundtrack has a lot of jazzy instrumental pieces in it. It is very original, and I like it.

The Signing Cats

When you start the game, the cats sing you a song. They also sing a song every time you beat a level.

The song they sing changes based on how many stars you earned when you beat the level. It is very motivating got hear a victory song after beating a very hard level.

I like this system as the songs the cats sing are cute. The songs do get a bit repetitive over time, but I enjoy them enough that this does not bother me too much. The cats sing a new song every major update as well.

A picture of four cookie cats. Berry, Smokey, Ziggy, and Rita.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

Cat Outfits

You can unlock new outfits for the cats in the game. You do these by buying yarn or playing special levels to get it.

The Cookie Cats outfit machine. It costs 20 yearn to get a new outfit.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money

In App Purchases

Like many free games, Cookie Cats has in app purchases.

What Can You Buy in Cookie Cats?

  • Get boosters and powerups to use in levels
  • Refill your lives
  • Start levels with an extra booster
  • Unlock new levels faster


The currency you use in Cookie Cats to buy most thing is coins. You can buy coins with money or earn some coins in the game. You can watch video ads to earn some coins as well.

Most things in the game cost coins, but you have to spend money on some purchases.

The Cookie Cats shop. You can buy coins.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

VIC System

Cookie Cats has a very important cat purchase you can make (VIC). This is a play on the term very important person (VIP). The price of VIC for me was $10 (USD).

With VIC you receive bonuses free things every day for a month. However, this is not a subscription purchase. It is very important to make that distinction. Cookie Cats will not bill you for the purchase unless you buy it.

I have never purchased this, and I probably will not. I would say this purchase is not worth it. But some people may enjoy the game enough to buy this.

Remove Ads

You can pay money to remove ads. The cost to remove ads for me was $1 (USD). I paid money to remove ads as I enjoyed the game as the ads were very annoying.

Tournaments Cost Money

Like I mentioned the gameplay review you can buy tournament tickets I would not spend money on the tickets though. You can get some tournament tickets by playing the game.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

The game is fair. The game has many in app purchases. But they all feel as extra features. There is nothing you must buy to beat the game.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

The Dreaded Life Timer

Like nearly every free-to-play game on Android, Cookie Cats limits your playtime by the number of lives you have.

If you connect your account to Facebook, you can have a maximum amount of five lives. Otherwise, you can have four.

It takes 20 minutes to get a life back. Sometimes can you watch video ads to get lives back faster.

Waiting for Things Is Annoying!

I know developers want to make money with their games. This is fair and to be expected. But making players wait for things feels like the wrong way to go about it.

It works and makes money though, so developers keep on doing it.

Some New Levels Are Gated

In Cookie Cats after beating so many levels, you find yourself stuck at a locked gate. To get past the gate, you need to either beat three levels or spend coins on a key to unlock the gate.

The option to beat the levels sounds fine at first. Except for the fast the game makes you wait a whole day to in between beating each level.

Having to spend over a day to unlock a new area in the game is a huge buzzkill. Having needless waiting times is one of the worst things you can do in a mobile game.

A Cookie Cats locked gate.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats.

Cookie Cats Shows Ads

The game has ads. You can pay to remove the ads or keep on playing the game with them. I paid money to remove ads as I thought the cost was low.

But if you do not want to spend money the number of ads you see will be slightly annoying.

My Overall Thoughts on Cookie Cats

Cookie Cats is a very fun game with some flaws. Even with the flaws I still would say the game is one of my favorite match three games on Android.

Do I Recommend Other People Play Cookie Cats?

I do think people should play Cookie Cats. If you love to play match three games, The game looks and sounds great and does some things better than other games.

Yes. While I don’t play Cookie Cats often, it is still one of my favorite match-three games with its fun presentation and cute cats.