Homescapes Review

Developer: Playrix
Price: Free+
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About This Review

The Fourth Game in the Series

Homescapes is the fourth game in the Keep it or Delete it series. This is a match three puzzle game. I am on level 165 and day 5. I play this game on my Android smartphone.

I Am Going to Compare Homescapes and Gardenscapes

Note since Homescapes is quite similar and a sister game of sorts to Gardenscapes, I am going to compare the games often. You can read my Gardenscapes review here. Both games are made by Playrix.

Gameplay Review

The Game Is Fun to Play

Homescapes is a very fun game to play. I find I enjoy playing this game more than Gardenscapes. They both have similar concepts. You solve match three puzzles or collect stars. You then use these stars to complete tasks.

About the Powerups in Homescapes

The powerup system in Homescapes is quite different than Gardenscapes. In Gardenscapes, all the powerups you create are bombs. Homescpaes has more “traditional” match three powerups.

There are rockets that shoot up and down or to the side and a bomb that explodes in an area. There is also a paper plane power up you can create by matching a block of four pieces.

You can also create a color disco ball that removes all the pieces of one color.

You can combine these powerups for different effects. In fact, for some harder puzzles, you must do this. The paper planes are very fun to use and combine with other powerups.

I slightly like the Homescapes system more as I am more used to playing match three games this way. But the Gardenscapes system is fun as well but for different reasons.

Homescapes Feels Faster Paced

Homescapes feels slightly more active than Gardenscapes. The game also feels harder than Gardenscapes. I have been stuck on some levels for quite a while. I needed to use boosters and powerups to beat some very hard levels.

About the Story in Homescapes

The story is about the same as well. But for some reason, I like the story in Homescapes slightly more. I suppose I find the idea of Austin helping his parents more interesting this time around.

I can relate to this story more as well.

Austin comes home to find his parents want to sell their mansion. They think the cost to maintain and/or fix the house is too high. His parents (presumably) want to move to a smaller house or rent.

Austin would rather help them fix up the house than sell it. The story of the game is how you go from each section of the house and renovate it.

You complete lists of tasks that lead to future tasks. These tasks feel quite like a list of chores sometimes. Some of the tasks could be combined or skipped, but that is how things are, I suppose.

The game has events often. These events are a nice way to earn extra coins, powerups, and boosters. Some events were more fun and interesting than others.

Presentation Review

Homescapes Looks Nice

I like the look of Homescapes. I think this game looks slightly better than Gardenscapes and I like the new art style. The pieces and powerups animate very nicely.

The 3D world the story takes place in looks nice as well. I think I would prefer a more 2D look, though.

I Love How Homescapes Sounds

I love the jazz soundtrack this game has. Good instrumentals in soundtracks are what get me to care and to want to activity listen to music in games.

I sometimes put on my Bluetooth headphones while playing Homescapes so I can hear the music better.

Smiling AndroidGamingFox

The game sounds are nice, as well. Nothing sounds odd, or misplaced

Spending Factor Review

The Game Has the Usual in Game Store

You can buy coins in this game. You use these coins to buy boosters and powerups. These purchases are optional, like in most free to play mobile games.

Homescapes Is Fair

I have not felt a need to buy anything. Even on hard levels, I was able to win what I got for free. But if you have a hard time with the game, you might run out of these free resources and be stuck on hard levels for a while.

Annoyance Level Review

There Are No Ads

The game does not show any ads. So if that is something that annoys you a lot, you will be happy playing Homescapes.

You Need to Wait for Extra Lives

The game makes you wait for extra lives. This is frustrating because some levels are very hard to beat. I sometimes can use all five lives easily in less than 10 minutes.

This is a huge buzzkill and makes me want to play other games.

Angry AndroidGamingFox

You can spend coins on extra lives, but you don’t get enough free coins to do this often. The game does give you unlimited lives times somewhat frequently, and that helps.

This extra lives system is very outdated, and I wish developers would stop using this type of system. This is wishful thinking, though, as many developers use it and not using is the exception.

There Are Annoying Notifications

The game is somewhat spammy with its notifications. No developers! I don’t want reminders that your game exists. I know it does because I installed it!

If there is no useful information shown or an incentive for me to interact with a notification, then I am not going to!

Annoying notifications like this are the reason I now blacklist all notifications, and I only allow the ones I want to show.

Thankfully more recent Android versions allow you to take control of notifications even if the apps don’t let you.

You Do Not Need to Wait To Complete Tasks

Unlike in Gardenscapes, the game does not make you wait to complete tasks. This is a huge step in the right direction, as this was very annoying.

Some of the Tasks Seem like Filler

I only wish there were fewer filler tasks, and this game would be even better. I hope developers can make a similar game with more meaningful tasks.

Overall Thoughts on Homescapes

Homescapes is fun to play and has amazing music, but the game is held back by filler tasks and an antiqued live system. The game is good, but it could be better!

A 4 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox happy

Will I Keep on Playing Homescapes?

I will leave this game installed. I love playing match three games, and I like to have multiple options on my phone I can pick from. Homescapes does enough right that I want to play it semi-often. I am keeping it!

Do I Recommend People Play Homescapes?

If you have played Gardenscapes or any other similar games, then you will like this game as well. If you like match three games, you will most likely enjoy this game.

But if you don’t like puzzle games, then I don’t see any reason why you will like this game.

I suppose if you only want to play games without ads, then Homescapes is a good pick. Your choices here are somewhat rarer when it comes to free to play games without spending money.