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Cookie Cats Blast Review

The Cookie Cats Blast review featured image.

Even more Cookie Cats!

Cookie Cats is a match three puzzle game. In the game, you match cubes to solve puzzles.

  • At the time of this review, I was on level 70.
  • I played the game for about two days.
  • I have played the game in the past
Cookie Cats Blast
Cookie Cats Blast
Developer: Tactile Games
Price: Free
This is the Cookie Cats Blast loading screen. All the cats are present.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats Blast.

Gameplay Review

How the Game Works

Cookie Cats Blast is a block tapping match game. You make matches of two or more blocks to remove them. You create power-ups when tapping bigger collections of blocks.

Your goal is to make matches and use power-ups to complete levels.

The Cookie Cats level start screen. You can choose boosters.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats Blast.

The Game Is Very Fluid and Fast

The game is very fast-paced. I like this as I can play puzzles as fast or slow as I want to.

There are multiple types of levels. This is great as things don’t become stale too quickly.

A Cookie Cats level.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats Blast.

Nothing New Here

As a match three puzzle game, the game does nothing new, but I like the theme of the game. Cookie Cats Blast is the kind of game I would play for a quick 10 minute break.

Misc Game Information

  • The game has tournaments you can play.
  • The game frequently has events that reward you for beating levels fast.
  • There are also daily quests you can play to earn extra coins.

How Hard Is This Game?

The standard levels so far don’t seem too hard. But I am only on level 70.

So far, I would say the game feels quite fair. Some levels are much harder than others.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

These games have a great art style. The style is consistent in all three games, and I love it.

It reminds me of a Saturday morning cartoon.

The Cookie Cats are fun to look at, and they each stand out.

The Cookie Cats world map.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats Blast.

How the Game Sounds

The music is good. I still feel the original Cookie Cats game has the best music. But the new music in this game sounds good as well.

This game shares the same menu music from the first game. I still love it, and the song is very expressive.

The Cookie Cats singing still is very fun, and I am happy this is a staple found in all three games.

The song you hear is different based on how many stars you find in levels. The song variation is interesting, and I appreciate the effort.

The level won screen. Three stars are lit up, and the cats are singing.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats Blast.

The sounds in the game are OK. They are a bit better than some games, but there is not much to say here.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Games Sells a Currency

Cookie Cats Blast has a currency you can buy coins. You use coins to buy boosters, power-ups, and to continue levels when you lose.

The Cookie Cats shop. There are multiple optoins to buy coins.
Screenshot of Android game Cookie Cats Blast.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

The game is very fair.

You can earn coins by watching video ads. You can also get coins from playing the game as well.

The game gives you things free pretty often.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

The game has a life timer. You got to wait so long before playing the game when running out of lives.

My Overall Thoughts About the Game

For being the third Cookie Cats game, Cookie Cats Blast is very fun. I enjoyed this game more than Cookie Cats Pop.

I am curious to see if there are other Cookie Cats related games in the future.

Do I Recommend People Play the Game?

Yes. If you already like games like Toy Blast, then you will love this game as well.

Will I Keep Playing This Game?

Yes. I love this type of match three puzzle game because I can beat levels fast, and this game is great for short breaks.