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Candy Crush Saga VS Toy Blast

Candy Crush Saga vs Toy Blast featured image.

Candy or Toys?

Candy Crush Saga and Toy Blast are both match three games. In this post, I am going to decide what game I like better.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free
Toy Blast
Toy Blast
Developer: Peak
Price: Free

Information About Both Games

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a match three game made by King. But you probably already knew that if you know anything about mobile games.

Toy Blast

Toy Blast is a match-three like game made by Peak Games. It should be noted that Zynga recently acquired Peak Games.

My Past Experiences With the Games

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga was one of the first mobile games I remember playing often. Overall I enjoy the game, and I like the changes made over the years.

Toy Blast

I don’t remember when I started to play Toy Blast. But I enjoy the game and play it often.

What Game Is More Fun to Play?

Basic Game Mechanics Compared

Candy Crush Saga is a traditional match three game. You match candies, create power-ups, and solve puzzles.

Toy Blast is not quite a match-three game. You can remove blocks by tapping two of them. But for simplicity, I will refer to Toy Blast as a match three game.

In Toy Blast, you solve puzzles by removing blocks and creating power-ups. Both games are similar and have about the same objectives.

Candy Crush Saga has also, after many updates, become quite a fast-paced game. But I still like Toy Blast better. Toy Blast feels more exciting.

Level Types Compared

The types of levels in both games are pretty much the same. Both games have levels based on dropping things, getting rid of certain squares, and collecting things.

Toy Blast feels slightly more original. Toy Blast introduces new things faster than Candy Crush Saga.

Game Events and Extra Content Compared

Candy Crush has team events and competitions. Toy Blast has competitions and daily events. Toy Blast events are more consistent.

Candy Crush Saga introduces new events often. The events in Toy Blast give coins often. Candy Crush Saga rarely gives gold bars.

I like the events in Candy Crush Saga more, but Toy Blast events feel more helpful.

Overall Gameplay Comparison

I like the faster pace of Toy Blast. I also like that Toy Blast introduces new things often. After beating hundreds of levels with no change, Candy Crush Saga can start to become stale.

Toy Blast is More fun. Overall I enjoy playing Toy Blast more.

The Toy Blast app icon.
Screenshot of Toy Blast app icon on Google Play.

What Game Is Less Annoying?

Number of Ads

Candy Crush Saga sometimes has ads. Toy Blast has zero ads.

But Zynga, the parent company of Peak Games, loves to put ads in games. I wonder if ads will be added to the game in the future.

Other Annoyances

Both games nag you to get you to spend money on in-game currency.

But Candy Crush Saga is a leader when it comes to nagging players. I feel King started the trend.

Toy Blast is Less Annoying

Toy Blast is slightly less annoying.

The Toy Blast app icon.
Screenshot of Toy Blast app icon on Google Play.

What Game has the Better Presentation?

Appearance Comparison

Both games have cartoony graphics. I like the look and animations in Candy Crush Saga more. You have plenty of time to watch them while playing.

The animations in Toy Blast are fast and short. Since you can constantly tap on blocks.

Sound Comparison

The music in the games has about the same appeal to me. It is hard to say I like one game over the other.

I like the sounds in Toy Blast more. The sounds in Toy Blast are more fun and exciting.

Candy Crush Saga Has the Better Presentation

I feel that Candy Crush Saga had the best overall presentation.

King has done work over the years to make sure the game stays relevant by updating it to look and sound better.

The Candy Crush app icon.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Soda Saga app icon on Google Play.

Overall Thoughts on Both Games

Toy Blast is overall the most fun to play. But Candy Crush Saga does a lot of things well, and it can be fun as well.

Candy Crush Saga has a more polished appearance from being worked for many years. Toy Blast is a fast-paced game you can play in quick breaks.

Game Score Comparison

  • Candy Crush Saga: 1
  • Toy Blast: 2

Toy Blast is the Winner!

I enjoy playing Toy Blast more. The game feels more exciting, and it is one of my favorite match three games.

Toy Blast wins!