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Farm Heroes Super Saga Review

Farm Heroes Super Saga review featured image.

Collecting Cropsies!

Farm Hereos Super Saga Review Information

Farm Heroes Super Saga is a match three puzzle game made by King. This is the second Farm Heroes game.

I played the game for about a week while reviewing it. I have played the game in the past for a while but I stopped. At the time of writing this review, I was on level 103.

Farm Heroes Super Saga
Farm Heroes Super Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free

Gameplay Review

The Game Is Interesting but Pretty Average for a King Game

The game is mostly what you would expect from a King match three game. Each level has an objective, and the goal is to complete it with a limited number of moves.

The goal of most levels is to collect a certain number of cropsies. But there are other goal types as well.

A Farm Heroes Super Saga level. Fruits and acrons and shown.
Screenshot of Farm Heroes Super Saga Android game.

Some Levels Are Frustrating to Beat

I found some levels were quite fun, and others were very frustrating. Levels that require you to direct things around the screen were the hardest and the most frustrating most of the time.

For example, in a certain level type, you need to direct a goat around the level to eat some hay. This sounds simple, but if you can’t get the right matches, the goats won’t go in the right direction.

None of the games boosters or powerups help here either as they all based around collecting cropsies.

I like the different level goal types, but at the same time, I tended to like the more simple levels that only required collecting cropsies.

I suppose I like the original Farm Heroes Saga a bit more.

About the Country Show

The game has a feature called the Country Show. Every few days, you earn points from beating levels and grow a plant. You get free game currency based on how you did.

This feature sounds nice, but I am not interested in the game enough to do well in these events. I suppose if you liked the game, this is a nice feature.

About the Quests in the Game

The game also has quests you can complete often. Completing these quests gives you more currency to buy boosters and powerups.

The quests seem pretty random, and there is not much to say about them.

The quests screen. Three quests are shown.
Screenshot of Farm Heroes Super Saga Android game.

Presentation Review

The game looks nice. Most King games like great and Farm Heroes Super Saga looks decent. The game has a nice farm theme, and everything fits well in this theme.

The Farm Heroes Super Saga world map. A path of levels is shown.
Screenshot of Farm Heroes Super Saga Android game.

The game has decent sounds. I find they become a bit repetitive over time, and this game is one I sometimes play with everything muted.

The music is nice, but I am not a fan of the somber theme. I tend to like more energetic and upbeat music.

The theme feels odd for this kind of game to me. Perhaps this is the tone King wanted to set, though?

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Sells a Currency

Like with all modern King games you can buy gold bars. These gold bars are used to buy boosters and powerups. You can also use them to continue in levels after you lose.

The Farm Heroes Super Saga shop. Multiple options to purchase gold is visible.
Screenshot of Farm Heroes Super Saga Android game.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

I think it is somewhat fair. You don’t get free things very fast, but you do get some free powerups and boosters.

You also earn silver coins in the game, and this currency can also be used to buy powerups and boosters

How Does This Game Annoy You?

Unlike some King games, it doesn’t nag you too much. The game does remind you of other King games, but there is not too much annoying in this game.

My Overall Thoughts About Farm Heroes Super Saga

Farm Heroes Super Saga looks and sounds decent, but the game is pretty average for a match three game.

Being this is the second Farm Heroes Saga game, not much is different. The game doesn’t stand out much compared to nearly endless match three games.

Do I Recommend People Play Farm Heroes Super Saga?

Not really. 

But if you really love match-three games, this game is no worse than any other King game. It could also be arguably better than the first Farm Heroes Saga game.

Will I Play Farm Heroes Super Saga After Reviewing It?


But probably not. If I do it will be for more blog content.