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What are Star Leagues in Best Fiends Stars?

The Best Fiends Stars Star Pass guide featured image. It is a zoomed in picture of the Star League icon.

What Is the Star League?

The Star League is a reacquiring event that happens in Best Fiends Stars. These events last about a week or so.

During these events, you earn rewards for playing the game.

How Do You Earn Rewards From the Star League?

You need to complete challenges. To complete challenges, you need to do things in levels. One frequent challenge is to collect stars from beating levels.

This scren explaisn how challenges in Best Fiends Stars work.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

You need to complete many challenges to collect all the rewards found in the Star Pass events.

I have challenges to get 15 stars and to charge yellow fiends 10 times.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

What Rewards Do You Get From Star League Events?

  • You get boosters you can use during levels.
  • You can get coins. Coins are stored in a vault and rewarded at the end of the leagues.

What Is the Star Pass?

To get all the rewards from Star Leagues, you need the Star Pass. The Star Pass is an optional purchase you can make during Star League events.

You need to buy the Star Pass for every Star League event, and the passes only last for the duration of the current Star League.

The Best Fiends Stars star pass.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

What Extras Does the Star Pass Give?

  • You get more rewards from completing challenges.
  • You get double Wonder Wheel spins.
  • One extra move in all levels.
  • More coins from the season vault at the end of Star Leagues.
A picture showing what the perks of owning a Star Pass are.
Screenshot of Best Fiends Stars Android game.

Is the Star Pass Worth Buying?

I would not buy a Star Pass. I enjoy the game, but I am OK with the free rewards.

I also am annoyed at the idea of gating content and rewards from players and forcing them to spend money to get everything.

I might buy a Star Pass once for my blog and write about it. But that probably would be the only reason I would buy a Star Pass.