Best Fiends Leveling Guide

Learn How to Level up Fiends Fast and Easy

In this guide, I will explain how to level up to friends in Best Fiends and why you want to. I will also give ways to level up to friends fast.

Why You Should Level up Fiends

Stronger fiends will beat slugs faster. They will do more damage.

Higher level fiends will also have better abilities. This is very important on harder levels.

Jojo is a fiend from Best Fiends. She is a butterfly.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

The Resources You Need to Level up Fiends


There are two kinds of meteormites. Blue and yellow.

Blue is more rare than yellow, but you need much less of them. You will need many yellow meteormites, and they are quite easy to get.


You use diamonds to cover the cost of meteorites you are missing when leveling up fiends.

If you use enough diamonds, you can level up fiends by only spending diamonds. But keep in mind diamonds an even rarer than blue meteormites.


You use keys to open crates. Doing this will often get you meteormites, and it helps to get a lot of keys.

How to Level up Fiends

Collect meteormites and diamonds until you have enough to level up fiends.

There are many ways to get meteorites, diamonds, and keys. I will explain all the ways I know.

What Fiends Should You Level First?

Level up Converter Block Fiends First

I recommend leveling up the converter block fiends first. Collection levels can be the hardest levels in the game, and having better converter block special abilities will help a lot.

You want to get this group of fiends to level 20 as soon as possible.

Level up Epic Fiends

The next priority is to level up any epic fiends you have to level 20 as well. Since epic fiends have the best abilities in the game, you want them to be at their strongest.

Level up Unique Fiends

After that, I recommend leveling up any unique fiends you have to level 20. Earthworms are great for levels that require you to defeat many slugs or fight one powerful slug.

Get All Fiends to Level 20

Finally, I recommend getting every other fiend to level 20 as soon as you can. Doing this is so your fiends have the strongest abilities.

Level up All Fiends to Level 30

I recommend you level up fiends to level 30 in this order.

  • Epic fiends
  • Block Changer fiends
  • Unique fiends
  • Other Fiends

How to Resources to Level up Fiends

There are many ways to get meteormites and diamonds. You need to beat many levels and play in seasonal and weekly events.

Use this list as a guide on the things you need to do.

  • Beat Lug’s lootballon levels.
  • Complete seasonal events.
  • Complete weekly events.
  • Earn stars in earthworm challenges.
  • Get meteormites from destroying things in levels.
  • Open Buggles’s post office gifts.
  • Pass people on the world map for keys.
  • Spin the Fend of Fortune.
  • Unlock achievements and get medallion pieces.
  • Use keys to open crates in the crate cache.