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Classic Words Solo Review

The Classic Words Plus review featured image.

Review Information

Classic Words Solo is a single-player word game. There is a free and paid version. I own the paid version Classic Words Plus. But the free version is very similar.

I downloaded the free version Classic Words Solo a few years ago to give the game a try.

At the time, I was tired of playing Words with Friends for multiple reasons. The main reason being that I disliked waiting for other players to take their turn.

Like with all of my game reviews, I play this game on my personal smartphone. I also played the game a little on my Chromebook, and it worked great.

Classic Words Solo
Classic Words Solo
Developer: Lulo Apps
Price: Free
Classic Words Plus
Classic Words Plus
Developer: Lulo Apps
Price: $4.99

Gameplay Review

Playing With the AI Is Great!

Classic Words Solo is a Scramble/Words with Friends like game. You place down letters to score points. The player who scores the most points at the end of the game wins.

The game works great, and there nothing bad to say. The AI takes its turn and waits for you to respond. I have not noticed any errors or bugs.

I like not having to wait for the AI to respond. It seems very small, but this is what makes this game for me.

Some people might like the challenge and community that comes with playing against real players. I personally can skip all of that as I just want to play a quick game and be done.

If you like playing with people, multiple games allow you to do this anyway. I have seen very few games that focus on the single player experience, though.

Words With Friends does have a single-player mode now, and to be honest, it is quite nice. But I still liked having a solo-based game.

The Game Has Many Options

There are many options you can adjust, and you can make the AI hard or easy. It all depends on what settings you pick. You can also change some options to make the game more fair to you.

I tend to make the game harder. As I enjoy the challenge. Win or lose, I get to learn some new words, and practice my skills.

When you make the AI hard, it gets really hard. I am not a professional Scrabble/Words With Friends player.

I struggle to beat the game on hard, and anything higher than this setting is almost impossible to beat.

It is possible I am not as good as I think, and other players win more easily. In any case, there are plenty of difficulty options for you to pick.

The Classic Words Solo options screen. Many options are visible.
Screenshot from Classic Words Solo Android game.

Other Gameplay Information

The game has a mode that allows you to play with somebody in person. I suppose you could call this local co-op mode.

The game has Google Play Games integration. It tracks your stats overall and shows you how you are doing long term.

If you love to see this kind of information, the game provides it for you.

The stats screen. Multiple stats are shown on how I play the game.
Screenshot from Classic Words Solo Android game.

You can have the game define words for you if you are confused about what they mean. I think this is a neat feature.

Presentation Review

The game looks good enough, I suppose. It is not flashy and does not stand out. But for a word game, I tend to not focus on how good the game looks.

I can tell what the tiles and words are, and that is good enough for me.

A Classic Words Solo puzzle board. The Allied word is visible.
Screenshot from Classic Words Solo Android game.

I don’t even bother playing with the sounds on, and I suppose they also are good enough. I am not too worried about sound in a game like this, as I often play it while doing something else.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The game sells a night theme.

This is the odd choice and the one thing I find confusing about Classic Words Plus. The game is already selling for $4 (USD). It seems a bit greedy to then sell a theme in the game for $1 (USD).

I think though the developer could bump the price of the game up to $5 instead. Or just give players the theme for free.

The classic and night themes. Boards with words are visible.
Screenshot from Classic Words Solo Android game.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

Yes. There is a free version of the game that allows you to play as much as you want. As long as you don’t mind seeing ads often.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

The free version has ads. This will always be annoying and sometimes distracting.

My Overall Thoughts About the Game

Classic Words Plus is a good paid game. I think there is a small pricing issue, but overall I like the game. It is the best single player Words with Friend like game I can find. The free version is nice enough if you don’t mind seeing ads.

I love being able to play against the AI and not needing any people to play with. That is the main reason I like this game.

Do I Recommend People Play the Game?

Yes. I would recommend Classic Words Solo or the paid version Classic Words Plus.

Even if you enjoy playing with people more, I still recommend this game as a nice alternative to play.

Will I Play Classic Words Plus After Reviewing It?

Yes. I enjoy the game enough that I play it somewhat often.