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Toy Blast Review

Toy Blast review featured image.

About this review

Toy Blast is one of my favorite mobile games so I decided to write a review of the game.

I have played Toy Blast for years. I am on level 524. I play the game on my Samsung Android tablet and my iPhone.

Toy Blast
Toy Blast
Developer: Peak
Price: Free

Gameplay Review

How Do You Play Toy Blast?

Toy Blast is a game about tapping blocks to remove them. You need to tap two blocks of the same color. This is very similar to how most match-three games work.

You can create powerups if you tap so many blocks connected at once. There are the usual things you see in similar puzzle games.

A Toy Blast level. Ther are igloos that create ice.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

The powerups are fun to use, and they feel very rewarding. To beat most puzzles, you will need a combination of powerups. Puzzles feel fun without being too easy.

A level with Toy Blast powerups. There are rotors and one TNT powerup.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

I Love How Fast Toy Blast Is

The main thing I love about Toy Blast is how fast and fluid it is. I am not as huge a fan slow match-three games. I like being in control all of the time. You can tap blocks and make matches nonstop.

This makes Toy Blast feel very action-packed.

I am starting to prefer faster puzzle games like this. I can be fast if I want to, but I can still be slow and take my time as well. The game is still turn-based after all.

There Are Many Types of Puzzles to Beat

The puzzles have a huge variety of challenges to complete as well. There are many puzzle elements I have not seen yet as well as I have not beaten too many levels in the game.

The variety of level types and challenges keeps the game fresh, and it does not feel as stale.

The Toy Blast level starting screen.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

The Game Has Fun Events

The game frequently has events that you can participate in to earn powerups, boosters, and in game currency. I love these events as it shows the developers care about players who don’t want to spend money.

You Can Compete on Leaderboards

There are some leaderboard style events if you love that sort of thing.

I suppose I enjoy these events. I never to do too well, though. I guess I am not pro enough to come in first place playing Toy Blast. More like I won’t commit the time.

Toy Blast Star Tournament. You need to beat levels and get stars.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

Presentation Review

It Should Be No Surprise This Game Has a Theme with Toys

The main theme of the game is based on toys. I like how the game looks. The game world looks neat and has very detailed artwork. The mobile version does anyway.

The animations are smooth and look great. I am not a huge fan of the childlike theme, but I enjoy the game so much I can live with it.

The Toy Blast world map.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

The Game Sounds Good and Has Decent Music

Toy Blast sounds great. I like the relaxing music in the game. I can’t say the same for some other Android games.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Sells a Currency

You can buy coins. These coins are used to buy powerups and boosters. You can also use coins to continue on levels when you run out of moves.

The Toy Blast shop. You can buy coins.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

This pay model is about fair as you can get compared to most Android games. I have never felt compelled to buy anything as I get enough freebies to beat any very hard levels.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

When you run out of lives, you must wait for them to regenerate. This takes 30 minutes. It is frustrating to be stuck on a very hard level, and run out of all of your lives fast.

The Toy Blast life timer. You have to wait 30 minutes before regaining lives.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

My Overall Thoughts on Toy Blast

Toy Blast is one of my favorite Android games. It feels fun to play, and it lets you enjoy it without too many interruptions.

Do I Recommend Toy Blast?

I recommend playing Toy Blast. If you don’t mind the game’s theme, there is a lot of value to be found here for being a free game.

Will I Play Toy Blast After Reviewing It?

I don’t play the game as often anymore, but I still do, so yes.