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Bridge Race Review

The Bridge Race review featured image.

Easiest Race Ever

Bridge Race is a game I downloaded on Google Play. I downloaded a group of games to review, and Bridge Race is one of them.

I am writing a review to explain what I think about the game.

Bridge Race
Bridge Race
Price: Free

Game Review Information

Why Did I Review This Game?

I reviewed the game because it was one of the top free games on Google Play.

While reviewing other games, I saw ads for this game, and the ads I saw were strange. I also was curious to see if the game was as simple as it looked in the ad.

Spoiler alert! It was.

How Did I Review This Game?

I played the game for about 30 minutes or so on my LG V20 Android phone. This phone is my dedicated game review device, and that is all I use it for anymore.

I played the game until level four.

Gameplay Review

How Bridge Race Works

You run around and pick up blocks that are the same color as you. You then use these blocks to build bridges. You win once you reach the end of the level.

I am near the end of a level in Bridge Race.
Screenshot of Bridge Race Android game.

The Game Could Be Fun but It Needs More

The game has potential. But there is not enough here to enjoy Bridge Race as a full game.

The levels don’t change, and they are mostly the same. This game is a bit too basic for me, and it became stale and boring after about ten minutes.

Maybe if the other characters weren’t so slow or dumb, the game would feel more fun? I had to wait almost 5 minutes for the other characters to beat me once. Even then, I knocked somebody off the level while just standing in place.

The levels could use some interesting obstacles. it needs something more. Anything.

You can bump into the other players, and they can knock you off the level. I feel this competitive angle should be expanded on.

I won a Bridge Race level.
Screenshot of Bridge Race Android game.

This Game Needs Multiplayer

The game would be more fun if the players were other people.

The game would be one of the most basic multiplayer games ever. But at least other people would provide a real challenge.

Random Things I Noticed While Playing the Game

  • The loading screen messages don’t fully load, and they get stuck.
  • You can skip levels, and winning them does not matter.
  • To play bonus and boss levels, I had to watch ads.
There is a boss level and a bonus stage.
Screenshot of Bridge Race Android game.

Presentation Review

The game looks OK, I guess. I am starting to notice a trend in games like this. Games like Bridge race use the most basic models possible.

There is nothing wrong with the art style, and it looks OK. But it seems all bad 3D games use the same art style.

It is somewhat fun to watch the charter pick up the blocks and stack them, I suppose.

Also, one of the other characters was named character name. I am not sure if that was mean to be ironic or a mistake.

How the Game Sounds

The game has sounds. There is little I can say about them other than I was not impressed. There is no music.

How Does the Game Get You to Spend Money?

There is nothing to buy in this game.

How Does the Game Annoy You?

I thought this game was about building bridges. But apparently, the developer is building up their ad revenue.

Who doesn't want to be like Scrooge McDuck and swim in gold coins!?
Picture from DuckTales. A cartoon made by Disney.

There are the usual ads you use to see now in games. Banner ads and video ads.

But the game also has an ad on the start screen. This ad is a bit odd, and I have only seen other bad games do this.

The Bridge Race title screen.
Screenshot of Bridge Race Android game.

The game plays video ads before starting levels and after beating them.

But the game also plays video ads randomly. I once had two video ads while playing levels. Very bad and very greedy. I also got video ads for doing nothing at all! I left the app open on the main menu, and video ads started to play.

With most apps some input or interaction is needed to show ads.

These ads look tacky, and it makes me feel as if this game was made to show ads and not for people to have fun.

Overall Thoughts on Bridge Race

Bridge Race could be fun. But the game has too little in it, and it is boring.

Also, there are so many ads that I wonder if the developer made the ads first and then added a game to it.

Do I Recommend Playing Bridge Race?

No. Stay away and find something better.

Will I Play Bridge After This Review?