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What Are Pigs in Toy Blast?

Normal and a stripped Toy Blast pigs.

Learn About Toy Blast Pigs

In this short Toy Blast Strategy guide, I will explain what pigs are and how to deal with them.

Toy Blast
Toy Blast
Developer: Peak
Price: Free

What Are Pigs?

Pigs are an obstacle that will drop when you match blocks below them. You will often have to remove pigs in levels to beat them. Pigs with masks will take two powerups to remove.

A pig and a mask pig.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

How to Remove the Pigs?

Pigs will not go away if you make normal matches near them. The pigs are annoying because you must use powerups or boosters to get rid of them.

You need to use a Rotors or a TNT powerup to get rid of them.

You can also use boosters that cost coins to remove pigs. But I don’t recommend doing this often as this will cost a lot of coins and rare resources.

The Strategy to Get Rid of Pigs in Toy Blast

Single Powerups Are Sometimes Helpful

A single rotor can work, but you may need to get lucky to get one pointing in the direction you want.

TNTs are more reliable, but they need to be close to the pigs. Or the explosion won’t hit them.

A single puzzle cube won’t do anything as that does not hit obstacles.

Combine Powerups

I recommend combing the powerups often.

Two rotors work well. If your placement is good, you might hit pigs horizontally and vertically.

Two TNTs combined are great. As the bigger explosion will often will multiple pigs.

A Toy Blast level with Rotors and masked pigs.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

Puzzle Cube Combinations Are Useful

A puzzle cube combined with the other powerups often will clear many obstacles. You still need to be a bit lucky but often the results will be good.

Using two puzzle cubes together clears the whole screen. But don’t expect this to be too easy to setup!

A Toy Blast level with Pigs and mask pigs
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.