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Candy Crush Saga Candy Order Levels Guide

Candy Crush Saga Candy Order Levels Guide 1

Learn to Beat Candy Crush Order Levels!

Candy Order levels are a type of level you can play in Candy Crush Saga.

In the current version of the game, you start by playing order levels. So new players will be quite familiar with them. I am going to explain how order levels work and how you beat them.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free

What Are Order Levels in Candy Crush Saga?

In order levels, you have to fulfill a certain objective. You often have to collect candy or destroy blockers. Some harder levels have multiple objectives.

  • Collect a certain color candy.
  • Destroy a certain blocker so many times.
  • Create and use certain special candy
  • Use certain special candies in a combination.
To beat level 6 you need to collect 35 icing and 5 wrapped candies.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Collect a Certain Color Candy

This one is very straightforward. You need to collect a lot of certain candy colors. Target these colors as often as you can.

Color bombs help out a lot and try to make and use them as often as you can. The lucky candy booster doesn’t help too much here.

You are going to get all the candy colors you need on most levels. Using this booster to get other colors means making a match to make a different colored candy. Using lucky candy boosters this way is not very efficient.

There is one exception.

Later in the game, I started to see levels that wanted me to collect yellow candies. But there would not be any that dropped in the level, and I had to clear the yellow candies on the level. Lucky candy boosters are very helpful on these order levels.

Candy Crush Saga level 1 start screen.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Destroy a Certain Blocker So Many Times

The game may require you to destroy a certain blocker. The game starts out having you break icing. But eventually, you need to break licorice and chocolate as well. These levels are often not too hard. But collecting chocolate can be annoying as you need to let it spread.

Lucky Candy boosters can sometimes be helpful here. It is funny seeing blockers pop out of Lucky Candy.

Candy Crush Saga level 2 start screen.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Create and Use Certain Special Candy

Some levels will require you to make special candies. These levels can be quite hard sometimes.

Making wrapped candies is harder than stripped candies. Making color bombs is also hard. But levels that require you to make those often help you in some way. Practice making special candies. You are going to need to be good at making them for about any level.

Lucky candy boosters are amazing on these levels. I often only use lucky candy if the level requires special candies.

Candy Crush Saga level 3 start screen.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Use Certain Special Candies in a Combination

As if being forced to make special candies was not hard enough, some levels require you to use them in specific combinations.

These levels can be very tricky. You have to be careful to not set the special candies off early accidentally. Take your time and try to plan everything.

Some of the hardest order levels I have ever played required wrapped + wrapped or color bomb + color bomb combinations.

Lucky candies are somewhat helpful here. Just keep in mind even if they give you the special candies you need, you still need to combine them in the right way!

When Should You Use Lucky Candies?

I feel lucky candies on order levels are best used when you need to combine or create special candies. I save all of mine for the hardest order levels.

A Candy Crush Saga lucky candy.
Screenshot of Candy Crush Friends Saga Android game.

Advice on How to Beat Order Levels

You need to focus on whatever the objective is! Unless the level has bombs, don’t worry about making matches not related to the order.

Sometimes to get the blockers you need, you might have to let them spread. Sometimes chocolate getting everywhere can be a good thing.

When you need to combine certain special candies, make sure to focus on making the ones you need and not matching them early.

This harder order level requires you to collect 10 wrapped candies and 5 color bombs.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

My Thoughts on Order Levels

When I first started playing Candy Crush Saga, order levels were rare. I did not see them until I had beaten hundreds of levels. I thought they were interesting as I had found them more fun than ingredient and jelly levels. Now order levels are more common.

I enjoy playing them more than the other levels. But they can be very difficult sometimes. One of the most interesting Candy Crush levels I beat required me to match two color bombs together. That is quite hard to do and requires a lot of planning. I wish more levels were like that.