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What Are Gold Crowns in Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush Saga golden crown guide featuerd image.

Gold and Yellow Are My Favorite Colors

In this quick guide, I am going to explain what golden crowns are in Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free

Gold Crowns Explained

When you beat the level the first time, you earn a gold crown. You will see gold crowns on the world map. The levels will turn gold and have a tiny crown next to them.

Legendary levels in Candy Crush Saga have icons that are skulls and crossbones on fire.
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

If you lose or quit a level the first time you try it, you won’t ever get another chance to get a gold crown. You also can’t go back and get gold crowns for levels you already beat. So players like me who have played the game for hundreds of years can’t get crowns for old levels.

Candy Crush Saga passed leve on first try!
Screenshot of the Candy Crush Saga Android game.

Is There a Reason to Get Gold Crowns?

There might be some events that require you to get golden crowns. But most of the time, they don’t do anything.

What I Think About Gold Crowns

You can’t show gold crowns to anybody else. Since only you see how many crowns you have and what levels you have them on. Who cares if you beat levels for the first time if you can’t brag about it. Or show off to people!

I suppose it is neat to beat levels for the first time multiple times. But there are thousands of levels in Candy Crush Saga. I don’t want to bother to go back and look at all the gold crowns I got. Also, I can’t get crowns for old levels. I can only get crowns for new levels.

Gold crowns seem like a way to get players to worry about beating levels for the first time. But there is not a reason to care.