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Toon Blast Review

The Toon Blast review featured image. The app icon is shown.

Even More Blasting!

Toy Blast is one of my favorite match-three games. It only made sense to me that I would eventually review the follow-up game.

Toon Blast
Toon Blast
Developer: Peak
Price: Free

Game Review Information

Why Did I Review This Game?

I wanted to eventually review Toon Blast. I just needed to make time to write the review.

How Did I Review the Game?

I played the game for about a week. At the time of writing the review, I was on level 150. I had played the game in the past years ago as well.

Gameplay Review

How Toon Blast Works

The goal of the game is to solve puzzles by tapping on blocks. You tap on two blocks of the same color to remove them. Tap on many blocks at once to create powerups.

As you progress in the game, you will encounter many types of blockers and other puzzle elements you will need to make matches around.

A Toon Blast level. Many blockers are visible.
Screenshot of Toon Blast Android game.

Toon Blast Is Very Fun!

I love to play Toon Blast. I like how fast-paced the game is. You don’t have to wait for matches to finish to make new ones. It only takes a few minutes to complete levels. I like this as I can get right into the game and make a lot of progress playing it.

I wish more match-three games had the play style of Toon Blast and Toy Blast.

The New Blockers Are Interesting

I like seeing the new things found in Toon Blast, and I would say the game feels different enough compared to Toy Blast that I would not say the game is a clone.

The Game Has Great Events

Toon Blast has some of the best in-game events I have seen in any match-three game. The events are very fun to play, and they are very rewarding. I wish some other developers could take notice and copy these ideas.

A screenshot of the Toon Blast star tournament event.
Screenshot of Toon Blast Android game.

The team events are cool as well. I don’t pay too much attention to teams in match-three games. But it is a neat feature to have.

I am in Team Wolf in Toon Blast.
Screenshot of Toon Blast Android game.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

Toon Blast looks very good! The game looks quite better compared to Toy Blast. The colors in the game are more vibrant, and I like this new look. The elements in the game seem more bright and expressive. The animations are neat as well, and they are very fast.

The characters in the game are nice, I guess? The game seems to want you to like these three characters a lot. Every world has a unique scene with all three characters in it.

A pictture of the Toon Blast world map.
Screenshot of Toon Blast Android game.

How the Game Sounds

Toon Blast has some decent music. I can’t say it is my favorite. But I always enjoy original instrumental music in video games. The sounds are nice, as well. I like the explosion sound when you combine two bombs.

The game also plays a sound when you are on your last five moves in a level. This sound is a neat way to inform players of something important. I wish more match-three games did this.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Sells Coins

Toon Blast sells coins. You use coins for multiple reasons.

  • Buy boosters at the start of levels.
  • Use powerups during levels
  • Continue levels after you lost
  • Buy extra lives
The Toon Blast store. You can buy bundles and gold coins.
Screenshot of Toon Blast Android game.

Is the Game Fair if You Don’t Spend Money?

Toon Blast is very fair. Some levels are quite hard. So you might be stuck on them for a long time. But the game gives you free things often. With enough time and determination, you should be able able to eventually beat any level.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

The game makes you wait for extra lives. It seems all match-three games have to have this mechanic. At least in Toon Blast, the game frequently gives you extra lives and even unlimited lifetime. Also, you can ask teammates for extra lives if you are in a team.

It is still annoying to see, however. But I enjoy the game. So I live with it.

My Overall Thoughts About the Game

Toon Blast is an improvement over Toy Blast, and it is one of my favorite match-three games. I love the fast-paced gameplay, and I wish more match-three games would be like this.

Do I Recommend People Play the Game?

I do! If you enjoy playing match-three games, Toon Blast is a great game to play.

Will I Keep Playing This Game?

I will play the game. Toon Blast is one of the match-three games I am currently playing often.