Happy Glass Review

Happy Glass
Happy Glass
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free+
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Happy Glass Review Information

Happy Glass is a game about drawing lines. I saw the game on Google Play, and I decided to download and play the game to write a review of it.

  • I played Happy Glass on my LG V20 Android smartphone.
  • Played the game for two days.
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Happy Glass Gameplay Review

How to Play Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a puzzle game. The goal of the game is to think about how to solve a solution to each puzzle.

I am not sure what to call this, but this is a game based on drawing to solve to puzzles. There is a lot of input from the player.

Each level has one or more glasses to fill up with water. Water drops into the level, and the main goal is to get the water into the glasses.

The player needs to draw lines on the screen, so the water flows into the glasses. Lines are affected by gravity and drop down. You can only draw so many lines each round.

You can draw lines after the water starts to flow. This is something I figured out on my own as the game did not tell me.

You Earn Stars by Solving Puzzles More Efficiently

If you can solve the puzzle with fewer lines, you earn more stars. Like most Android games Happy Glass gives you three stars for beating levels. You use stars to unlock new level collections.

  1. You solve puzzles to get three stars.
  2. Unlock new puzzles to solve.

The Puzzles Are Fun

Happy Glass is a fun game. I found thinking about solving the puzzles to be very enjoyable. It is interesting in puzzle games like this how they start out easy but get harder over time.

The learning curve of Happy Glass is also fair, and I never saw a puzzle that felt impossible to solve.

About the Hints in Happy Glass

here are hints in the game. I used a hint, and the game told me the answer. I can see why some people would appreciate hints like these.

If I felt like a game was so hard that I needed hints all the time or needed to skip some puzzles, then I would question how fair the game is. A fair puzzle game is possible without needing any extra help.

Happy Glass is fair, and I see the hints as extra. Hints cost coins, and I am going to go all this in the spending factor section.

You Can Earn Three Stars by Watching Videos

Another odd thing this game does is if you win a level without getting three stars you can watch a video ad to earn the stars you missed. I find this to be odd because the point of having three stars is so the player can beat levels in the most efficient way possible.

I guess this is another optional way of getting help like hints, but I find the challenge of getting the best answer to be part of the fun of a game. In games like this earning all the stars also gives me a reason to go back and play older levels again.

If extra help like this is optional, I see nothing wrong with other players using it.

Happy Glass Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

Happy Glass has cute artwork. It looks like something out of a drawing, and I like how it looks. I find the game’s main menu is cute. The start screen shows you the main goal of the game before you even start a level.

How the Game Sounds

The music while nice and relaxing is forgettable.  The sounds are OK.

Happy Glass Spending Factor Review

You Can Buy Coins

The game has coins you can buy. I can’t say if buying coins is a good value or not. I almost never buy microtransactions. The costs seem like other free to play games to me.

You Can Earn Free Coins

The good news is that you can get free coins in multiple ways. After winning a level, you can watch video ads to earn extra coins. I like how advertisers give players optional ways to earn currency. You can play this game by not spending money and still enjoy it.

You Can Get Items for the Glass

Like I mentioned in the before you can buy multiple cosmetic items. Games selling cosmetics is a contested talking point. As long I enjoy the game, I don’t care too much what my glass looks like.

You Can Get Free Items as Well

You can get free cosmetic items from watching video ads as well. Items earned this way are temporary, and it is random the item you receive. This feels more like a way for the game to tease you and you convince you to buy some coins.

About Hints

You can also buy hints, but Happy Glass is fair enough that you do not need them.

You Can Pay to Remove Ads

The game offers you the option of spending $3 to get rid of all ads. This is about average for most games, but I have seen cheaper.

Happy Glass Coin Shop

Happy Glass Annoyance Level Review

Shows Information About Other Games from Developer

Happy Glass shows you information about their other games. This to me is fair, and they do not pop it up in front of your face.

The game frequently shows a banner ad the bottom of the screen. I find banners ads to be very annoying as they tend to be distracting because of moving graphics or when they change images.

Video Ads

The game also shows you video ads between levels, and I see video ads after most levels. This is not too annoying as I would rather see ads after beating a level but with the banner and these ads, things are somewhat annoying. Happy Glass shows an average number of ads.

While you can pay to remove ads, you still would be watching optional video ads to earn extra in-game rewards if you don’t want to pay money.

No Review Begging

One more positive is that while I played the game, it did not beg me for a review. I understand that developers need feedback and reviews from players. Some developers beg for reviews too much.

Imagine going on a blind date and one minute in being asked if everything is going amazing.

No Unnecessary Notifications

The game does not send any notifications. I don’t mind helpful notifications. Some developers send way too many notifications though.

My Overall Thoughts on Happy Glass

Overall Happy Glass is a very fun Android game. The main issues the game has is the number of ads it shows. The game is above average when compared to some other Android games though.

A 4 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox happy

Will I Keep Playing Happy Glass?

Yes. While I am not playing the Happy Glass right now, I will play in the future.

Would I Recommend People Play Happy Glass?

I would recommend people play Happy Glass. It is a cute and very fun game.