Another Candy Crush Game!?

Candy Crush Friends Saga is the fourth Candy Crush Saga game. King makes the Candy Crush Saga games. You probably have heard at least one of their mobile games before.

Review Information

I played Candy Crush Friends Saga on and off for about a week or so, and I played until level 69. Like with my other reviews, I played this game on my LG V20 Android smartphone. I decided to review this game on AndroidGamingFox because I had plenty of thoughts about it.

What kind of game is Candy Crush Friends Saga?

Candy Crush Friends Saga is a match three game. You need to beat each level in a certain number of moves. Each level also has a goal you need to complete.

Candy Crush Friends Game Play Review

What is different in Candy Crush Friends Saga?

The last three Candy Crush Saga games have played about the same starting with Candy Crush Soda Saga. Not much is too different in this version of the endless saga of matching candies. The biggest difference is the change to 3D graphics over 2D.

There are some new game modes and a few game play changes but not enough that Candy Crush Friends Saga feels like a whole new game.

So right up front if you did not like any previous Candy Crush game, I see no reason why you will like this version over those ones.

If you have played Candy Crush Soda Saga or Candy Crush Jelly Saga Candy Crush Friends Saga will seem about the same. The powerups are the same, and the candy matching rules are the same.

The things that appear in puzzles are about the same. If you have not played either of those games, then this game is similar. If you like Candy Crush Friends Saga, then you will most likely like the Jelly and Saga Saga games as well.

How Does the Game Feel?

Everything works as expected and the game feels very fluid and fast. The game has multiple game modes. There is nothing groundbreaking new but the game modes in this game are different than previous games.

Some Levels Are Too Hard

My biggest complaint is the randomness of how difficult levels are. Some levels are very easy, and some levels are insanely hard. I suppose trying to balance hundreds and eventually, thousands of levels is no easy task though.

The game does feel like it has a progression to it. It is slow though, because of the many levels.

There Is No Story

Despite having saga in the game don’t expect a story or any plot resolution. The goal of the game is beat as many levels as possible. If you beat them all, you need to wait for more levels. The first two games at least pretended to have a story.

I guess King figured why even bother this time.

Who Are the Friends in the Game?

You may be wondering about the friends in Candy Crush Friends Saga. Well, those friends are not referring to actual people you know. You can still nag people for extra lives as always though. In this game at the start of every level, you pick a friend.

If you match your friend’s favorite candy, you get a bonus power up. I am not sure why King decided to make the whole game based on this concept alone. It is nice but not too huge. They even tried something like this similar in a previous game.

Candy Crush Friends Saga World map

Candy Crush Friends Presentation Review

The New Look Is OK

The 3D models look OK for a mobile game. I can’t say I prefer them over the art style in older Candy Crush Saga Games. The characters are goofy and bouncing around the screen. This is a bit too goofy and cute for me but whatever.

The Game Looks OK I Suppose

The actual game playing area looks pretty much the same as the previous game, and it looks nice. Everything was fast and fluid on my phone. I dislike match three games that feel slow or force me to wait to watch animations finish.

The Sounds Are Average

I am disappointed by the sound quality. If I can play a game with the music and sounds muted and feel like I get the same experience, then they don’t exactly impress me. Everything is OK I suppose.

Spending Factor Review

The King of Microtransactions

You do not need to spend money on any King game. Yet they make lots of money every day. Mobile games have this strange oxymoron quality of free games earnings a lot of money. 

The reason why is because of microtransactions. In this game, you can buy a currency (gold bars) and pay for many things. 

While you don’t need to spend money, King built Candy Crush Friends Saga for people to spend money. I recommend not spending money on this game. If you feel the game is too hard, I would recommend not playing anymore. Don’t let King pressure you into spending money.

Things That You Can Buy in the Game

  1. Making levels hard, so you feel pressured to use more power-ups.
  2. Some levels take many times to win and many lives in the process
  3. The game makes you wait to get more lives, or you can pay for them.
  4. Tries to get you to use currency to continue levels after you run out moves.
  5. There are other things as well.

Candy Crush Friends Annoyance Factor Review

Life Regeneration Takes a Long Time

The most annoying thing in this game is having to wait to get your lives back. King tries to force to you spend money to get lives back. King does this because they know there will be some impatient people who will spend money to keep playing.

Like I mentioned before I recommend you do not do this.

In this game, you must wait 30 minutes to get a life back. This wait time is high compared to other free to play games. Most games I see have timers of about 10 to 15 minutes. It takes 150 minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes to get all five lives back.

You can only have five lives.  Candy Crush Friends Saga is not exactly a game I would play for hours and hours, but it is more of principle that I can’t. There should not be any restrictions anyway. 

You can ask friends for extra lives, but the system doesn’t work too good if you don’t have a group of dedicated friends helping you. I am playing the game with my King account over my Facebook account as nobody I know on Facebook plays mobile games often.

I send lives to my King friends, but I rarely get anything back. At least not in any timely manner.

Very Hard Levels

Some levels are very hard. On these hard levels I often run out lives fast. At this point, I usually move on to another game or activity.

No Waiting for New Areas

One good thing I can say about Candy Crush Friends Saga is that the game has no locked levels. You do not need to wait to unlock new areas.

My Overall Thoughts on Candy Crush Friends Saga

This would have been an average game at best. But due to some annoyances and common free to play practices the game is pretty weak.

I am more forgiving towards mobile game practices, but I know a lot of people don’t like them. I am reviewing this game this way keeping other people in mind.

Candy Crush Friends Saga doesn’t have anything that other match three games do as good if not better. There are many match three games to play if you like them. So being an average game is not enough. There are far too many options to bother playing every game that is OK.

A 2 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox annoyed

Will I Keep Playing Candy Crush Friends Saga?

I will not continue to play this game after the review. While the game is somewhat fun, I don’t see a reason to keep playing it.

Would I Recommend People Play Candy Crush Friends Saga?

I would only recommend Candy Crush Friends Saga to people who love all Candy Crush games and King games in general. You probably are already playing it if that the case though.