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Microsoft Wordament Review

AndroidGamingFox Wordament review featured image.

Review Information

I decided to review Wordament because this is a game I play often. I play this game on my LG V20 Android Smartphone.

Gameplay Review

What Kind of Game Is Wordament?

Wordament is a game about finding words. You are given a grid of letters, and the goal is to find as many words as possible. There are slightly different objectives in the single-player levels. But the core idea of finding words remains the same.

Multiplayer Game Mode

Originally this was the only game mode in Wordament.

You have to find as many words as possible before the round ends. After the game ends, you then see how you rank a leaderboard that shows the score of the top 15 players and players who scored about the same as you did.

Sometimes the game will change things up with a bonus round. There are multiple types, and they give you a bonus for doing different things.

This is very fun as it keeps the game from becoming too stale. In one bonus round, there is one giant word, and if you find it, you score a huge amount of points.

This Game Mode Is Extremely Fun!

This game mode is very fun, and it is what I consider a “one more round” game. I try my best to find as many words as I can. I don’t do too well on the rankings, but I still have fun anyway.

This is multiplayer level in Wordament. A grid of letters.
Screenshot of Wordament Android game.

Single Player Levels

There are saga style single player map puzzles. Each level has a grid of letters, and you need to find words to beat the level.

There is no time limit in these levels. The goal is to meet certain objectives to earn stars, and you can earn three stars in each level.

These levels are a nice change of pace after playing so many multiplayer rounds. I like taking my time as there is no rush to beat these levels.

You Can Now Complete Challenges

Each day has a challenge for you to complete. You get medals based on how many challenges you complete in a month. 

I am not too interested in earning the medals. Some people might enjoy them though, so I suppose this is a nice addition.

A Wordament challenge level. You need to collect 15 gems.
Screenshot of Wordament Android game.

Wordament Presentation Review

The Game Looks Good

Wordament has a simple and colorful style. I like how it looks. I wish I could change the theme, though, as I would choose different main colors.

Everything Sounds Fine

I like the little tune that plays near the end of multiplayer levels. Other than that, everything sounds fine. There is nothing bad or good to mention.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The Game Has a Premium Purchase

Wordament has the option to buy a premium membership. It costs $2 (USD) a month or $10 (USD) a year. The monthly option would end up being $12 (USD) a month if you paid for a whole year.

Wordament Premium Costs Too Much Money

I think this costs a bit too much money for me. I normally expect paying to remove ads to be a one time purchase. Even then $10 (USD) is high. The fact that the purchase is not permanent also makes the deal worse.

I do not like Wordament enough to pay $10 (USD) a year to remove ads. But if you really liked the game, I suppose the price may be worth it.

Other Bonuses in Wordament Premium

Wordament Premium also gives you more coins for completing daily challenges and double experience points. I don’t care about any of that.

Is This Game Fair for People Who Don’t Spend Money?

The things you can buy in Wordament do not affect gameplay at all. Wordament is one of the fairest multiplayer word games out there.

In the multiplayer mode, everybody plays the same game board and on the same playing field. There is nothing you can use to get an advantage.

You also get free hints in the single player levels.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

There Are Ads in Many Places

There are ads on menu screens, at the end of levels, and even banners during game play. There also full-screen ads between levels. I particularly don’t like banner ads while playing the game as this is very distracting.

My Overall Thoughts on Wordament

Wordament is a fun word game that has annoying ads. I still love the game despite its flaws because it is so fun to play.

Do I Recommend Wordament?

I recommend Wordament to people. It is one of the best mobile word games.

Will I Still Play Wordament After Reviewing It?

Yes. While I don’t play the game as often, Wordament is still one of my favorite word games of all time, and I always come back to it eventually.