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Fidget Trading Review

The Fidget Trading review featured image.

There Is Trading

Fidget Trading is a game found in Google Play. Fidget Trading is not the kind of game I would ever download. So course I did for my blog.

Fidget Toys Trading・Pop It 3D
Fidget Toys Trading・Pop It 3D

Game Review Information

Why Did I Review Fidget Trading?

I saw the game as one of the top ten free to play games on Google Play. So I downloaded the game to play it.

How Did I Review Fidget Trading?

I played the game on my LG V20 as usual. I played the game for 15 minutes. That is all it took for me to see how bad this game is.

Gameplay Review

What Even Is This Game?

This game is so random I don’t even know what to call this game.

There is trading, so I guess the title is accurate. But the rest of the game is a mystery to me. It is like the developer just put anything they thought of at the time into the game.

Nothing Is Explained

I hate long and drown out tutorials in games. But at least explain something. What even is this game?!

How the Trading Works

So you can trade objects for other objects. You give this guy items. He gives you items. I can’t tell if items have quality or not. It doesn’t seem like they do.

The other guy can refuse trades sometimes. But from what I tell, he only does this if you try to give him nothing at all.

The game is called Fidget Trading. So I expected we would be trading fidget spinners (remember those?) and other similar toys. I guess those pop things are fidget toys.

There are some fidget spinners you can collect and trade and a bunch of other random toys as well.

A fidget trade in progress.
Screenshot of Fidget Trading Android game.

The Trading Is Boring

The trading feels like a mechanic you would find in another game. I suppose a game about trading could be cool. Fidget Trading is not that game.

I completed a trade in Fidget Trading.
Screenshot of Fidget Trading Android game.

Other Gameplay Thoughts

You earn money from trades and playing with toys.

You can upgrade the room you and the trader are sitting in. I am not sure what doing this does as I only did a few upgrades. If the game won’t explain anything, I have no reason to care.

You can play with the toys you get. You can tap on them and they pop.

A toy in Fidget Trading.
Screenshot of Fidget Trading Android game.

I had more fun playing with a coloring book than the toys in this game. You also can’t spin any of the fidget spinners.

How Is This a Game?

Like I get some games can be fun and basic at the same time. But there is so little here.

Like this looks like something somebody would make as a tutorial for learning how to code Android games. Not an Android game you would put on Google Play.

The AndroidGamingFox is chewing a phone!

Presentation Review

How The Game Looks

The trader character looks nice, and he is quite expressive. He looks around with a smug look forever stuck on his face.

Who is this guy? Why is he trading toys? Why is he wearing the bling? I suppose we will never know.

The room fidgets get traded in. It is messy.
Screenshot of Fidget Trading Android game.

Also, why is the room you start in so messy? I suppose this is done to give the player things to do. You clean up the game as you make progress. Because cleaning is what I look to do when playing video games.

There are many random things to look at while searching the room.

How the Game Sounds

There is no sound. At first, I thought maybe I had the game muted. But I heard sounds in the many ads the game showed me.

I probably would have played this game muted anyway.

How Does This Game Get You to Spend Money?

The game doesn’t sell anything. Usually, games like this give you the option to pay to remove ads.

I suppose this developer just wants that sweet ad revenue. I can relate.

How Does This Game Annoy You?

First, there are banner ads. They are very distracting because they are always visible.

The game also shows video ads after doing almost anything.

The AndroidGamingFox is angry and looks annoyed.

Most games show ads after you beat and finish levels. But this game showed ads for me just moving around menus and looking at things. That is a bit too greedy even for me.

For hardly even being a game, the developer made sure to monetize very well. I can see where the priorities are.

Who doesn't want to be like Scrooge McDuck and swim in gold coins!?
Picture from DuckTales. A cartoon made by Disney.

Yes, I am being somewhat hypocritical. As I also make money from ads. But I like to think I at least provide information and entertainment with my posts. I can’t say this game provided much of anything.

My Overall Thoughts On Fidget Trading

Fidget Trading is a bad game. The game is disappointing and hardly even qualifies as a game. Why this is a top free-to-play game is a big mystery to me.

Do I Recommend People Play Fidget Trading?


Will I Keep Playing Fidget Trading?