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Why I Like Playing Mobile Games

Why I Like Playing Mobile Games 1

Why do I like playing mobile games? “Most mobile games are bad.” Some people claim. Despite the amount of bad mobile games, I still enjoy playing them.

I am going to explain why.

I Got Into Mobile Gaming With My First Android Device

My first Android device was not a smartphone. It was an Nvidia Shield Android tablet, and I loved the device. I was excited to see the kinds of games on Google Play. I tested and played many of them. These first experiences laid the groundwork for me to decide what mobile games I like to play in the future.

My Favorite Types of Games Work Well on Phones

One of the things I learned early on when playing mobile games is to expect a different gaming experience. Some people expect the same gaming experiences they would get on a video game console or a computer.

When I want to play something more full-featured I will play on my computer. Reminder I have a computer gaming blog ComputerGamingFox.

I rather play mobile games that don’t require much attention. I often play mobile games while watching videos or doing something else. I love to play puzzle games. These games often don’t require you to focus while playing them. These kinds of games will wait for you to do something.

A level with Toy Blast powerups. There are rotors and one TNT powerup.
Screenshot from Toy Blast Android game.

I love to play word games. I often test new word games when I see them. I also love match-three games. Often I play a match-three game while being busy doing something else.

This is multiplayer level in Wordament. A grid of letters.
Screenshot of Wordament Android game.

I Like Playing Free Games

Free-to-play games can be pretty bad. Either because they are not fun. Or they are designed to make the most money possible. But even with all of the flaws, I still like playing free mobile games.

When I started playing mobile games, I played free games. I did not make a purchase on Google Play for some time. It turns out you can’t buy much without money.

The most money I spent on apps and in-app purchases was about $10 for years. So without funds, I found myself downloading and playing many free games. I eventually had so many games I liked to play I focused on those and got rid of any I was not enjoying.

I still play many free mobile games. I can afford to buy apps or games now, but I still play a lot of free games because I am used to it. There are so many free smartphone games that you would never run out of new games to play.

I Am Not Bothered by Lots of Ads

Games with many ads are annoying. I don’t think anyone other than mobile developers disagree.

But I can’t be that angry at people for trying to monetize their free games when I monetize my writing. I own two websites that have ads.

I also rather see lots of ads than some of the things some mobile developers do. I see ads while playing mobile games so much now I am desensitized to it. I suppose I just don’t care anymore about seeing ads. Even though I complain about them often in my reviews.

I also like to watch ads for rewards in games. I wish more games offered rewarded ads.

Mobile Games Are Fun in Short Bursts

Even if you only have as little as five minutes to play a game, you can often make progress in some mobile games. I play games on my phone during my lunch breaks at work. I also play games while riding the city bus to work.