6 Things in Android Games That Annoy Me

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This Post Is Opinion and Not Fact

This blog post is my opinion. I am just discussing what I think, and I want you to know what I think.

Sometimes Games Are Annoying

I have always loved to play Android games. Yet there are certain things in games that absolutely annoy me. This post is going to go over six things developers do in Android games that annoy me.

#1 Waiting for Things to Happen in Android Games

Waiting Is Bad

This is one of the things that annoy me the most about Android games. There is no fun in having to wait over an hour to keep on playing a game. I want to decide how long to play a game myself.

Some games make you wait for good things to happen. Sometimes they make you wait a long time.

Waiting for Dragon Eggs to Hatch

For example, I used to play a dragon hatching game. To build new dragon nests and to hatch eggs took hours of waiting.

The thing that annoyed me the most is that the developers of that game made you wait even longer for more rare dragons to hatch and higher-level things to finish.

Timers Cause People to Spend Money

The real reason a lot of games do this is to make money. You either wait it out or use in-game currency to speed out this process.

There is no way a developer does not know some people will get impatient and start to spend money on in-game currencies.

Developers Should Find Other Ways to Make Money

I am not saying mobile developers shouldn’t make money, but these profits should not come from annoying players. Sometimes I wonder if certain developers enjoy testing players patience.

Often when people cite some of the worst Android games ever, they often consider games that make you wait a very long time.

#2 Showing Too Many Ads

Ads Everywhere

Some Android games go way too overboard with ads. I don’t mind ads sometimes shown in menus and after long sessions of game play. But some games show full screen and video ads after every user action.

Video Ads Are OK

For example, some games only show video ads rewards for users to claim. These types of ads are great as they convince me to watch them. Ads between levels as long this does not happen every level I beat.

I also don’t mind games using banner ads on menus.

No Way to Get Rid of Ads

Another thing some developers do is show ads but then allow the user to turn them off for a cheap cost of like one to five dollars. I am also OK with this as well.

I rather pay a small fee and support then developer this way than to see many ads. As long this is a permanent transaction.

Ad Removal Is Not Permanent

I have seen some greedy developers offer the ability to remove ads but only for limited periods of time. Don’t make your game like Microsoft Solitaire. This game charges a monthly fee to remove ads.

I will not play your game. Or I will go out my way to block ads on a system level. I will use an app like Adaway or turn airplane mode on.

#3 Charging a Subscription for Purchases

Subscription Based Pay Models

Some Android developers are starting to use subscription-based in-app purchase models. These models come off as predatory and unnecessary.

I wrote a good deal about this type of model in my Word Link and Hello Stars reviews.

Subscriptions Are Never Worth the Price

I can’t think of any mobile game so good I would spend money on a monthly basis. Developers would need to give the best deals ever for this to even begin to feel worthwhile.

Quick to Start Harder to Stop

The times I have seen this pay model in games they have a flashy buy now buttons with in-game currency visible. You must read the tiny fine print to learn all the details.

The only way to stop subscriptions like this is through Google Play on a certain menu.

Word Link VIP Membership Information

Quick to Start Harder to Stop

I like to think developers are not greedy people, but these types of systems make me wonder if some are. There is no way a developer doesn’t consider that people might forget about these subscriptions and keep on paying for it.

One Time Purchases

Some games have one-time purchases, but these purchases don’t activate a subscription. This is a much more ethical way or offering something like this. For example, the VIP membership in Best Fiends does this.

Some Services Are Worth Paying For

Also, there are some services that are worth paying a monthly fee for. For example, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc.

I can’t think of a game that offers enough value for a monthly payment. There is no World of Warcraft for Android I can name.

#4 Pop-up Spam

All the Spam

This is another mild inconvenience some games have in them.

Some developers spam every event, sale and in-game activity at users when they open the game or go back to menus. This starts to feel like spam, and it can be very annoying.

Users Need to Be Able to Turn These Messages Off

Give users the option to turn these messages off or only show them once. Otherwise I will get annoyed and ignore what you are trying to show me.

Begging for Reviews Is Annoying

Also, don’t beg for reviews. I find it annoying when I am still new to a game, and it is already begging for a five-star review. Hold on now! Give me some time to make up my mind.

I am going to review your game/application when I am ready. Showing in-game characters holding up five stars is not getting me to change my mind.

A Better Way to Ask for Reviews

Having a write a review button in a menu or a gentle reminder somewhere is OK. I know that writing genuine reviews for games helps developers out. This is part of the reason I made this website, to begin with.

#5 Sending Too Many Notifications

Notifications Can Be Annoying

Developers can use notifications for good or bad. If your game sends out notifications, I expect them to benefit me in some way.

Some Notifications Are Good

I love it in games when they remind of things I am waiting to finish. These notifications are great reminders that I have the option to get back into a game.

I like it even better if the game lets me choose what notifications I want to see.

Some games like WSOP and Poker Heat give you a tiny in-game bonus for interacting with notifications. I like this as incentives me to launch the game and keep playing.

Don’t Send Notifications for No Reason

Unsolicited notifications that don’t help me annoy me. I don’t need reminders that your game exists. If I don’t play the game, I probably will delete the next time I clean up my installed apps.

Maybe some people like reminders like this? To me, they tend to be a nuisance.

Terrible Notification Controls

It is annoying when games don’t allow you to customize what notifications you get or turn them off. This is the reason that Google has added more notification controls over the years to Android.

When I can’t turn off notifications in games, I turn them off at the system level.

#6 Not Being Able to Save Progress to the Cloud

I don’t want to make progress in a game that will not save my progress. Most mobile games have hundreds if not thousands of levels these days. There are multiple ways developers can put in place this feature.