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I Wish Contraption Maker Was an Android Game

AndroidGamingFox Contraption Maker featured image.

Contraption Maker Would Make a Great Android Game

Contraption Maker is one of the hidden gem games I learned about on Steam. I love the game, and the puzzles are very fun to solve.

There are many puzzle games on Android already. But I still think Contraption Maker would be a great addition.

In this post, I will explain why I think Contraption Maker should be an Android game.

Contraption Maker
Contraption Maker
Developer: Kevin Ryan
Price: $ 9.99

What Is Contraption Maker?

Contraption Maker is a physics puzzle game. You move around objects, so they interact with each other and solve puzzles.

There are many puzzles to solve based on difficulty.

The Contraption Maker loading screen.
Screenshot of Contraption Maker Steam game on Linux.

Contraption Maker is a remake/sequel of an older game called The Incredible Machine. I have never played it.

The Incredible Machine Mega Pack
The Incredible Machine Mega Pack

Why Contraption Maker Would Be a Good Android Game

The Controls and UI Would Work Great as Touch Controls

The game is already somewhat touchscreen-ready.

The buttons and controls are big and easy to use. You spent most of the time in the game moving around things with the mouse.

These movements can easily be done by dragging and dropping things with your fingers.

People Love Puzzle Games on Android

There are many puzzle games like Contraption Maker already. I think some people would love a puzzle game like this. The concept already exists and is done well.

I have no doubt this game would work great as a mobile game.

Issues With Contraption Maker Being an Android Game

There Are Many Puzzles Like It

There are already many puzzle games. A game like Contraption Maker doesn’t stand out in the sea of mobile games.

Sure the game is good and fun. But there are countless puzzle games like this on Google Play.

People Don’t Buy Apps Often on Mobile

Also, I don’t think the common phone user would pay anywhere near the Steam price for this game. They would have to sell it cheaper or maybe even offer the game for free.

Such is the curse of free ad-based gaming. People won’t pay much for any app or game.