Zynga Poker Free Chips


Zynga Poker Free Chips

In this Zynga Poker guide, I will teach you how to get free chips in the game. To play higher stakes you will want as many chips as possible.

Get Free Zynga Poker Chips Outside of the Game

Facebook Page

If you check the Zynga Poker Facebook page they occasionally post links you can click for free chips.


Zynga sends out promotional emails that have links to free chips, and as long as you are willing to receive them this is a way to get free chips.


You can also use the auto-collect feature on Gamehunters. This website automates collecting chips from outside sources it and is very helpful.

How to Get Free Chips Inside of the Game

What Are Tickets and Gold Used For?

You can get free chips by spending tickets you earn from playing the game, completing challenges, and by playing in the poker leagues.

I have found completing quests to be pretty hard, so I do not pay them too much attention. Most of the tickets I earn comes from playing in leagues.

You also get chips, tickets, and gold from leveling up. This is a great bonus you will get from just naturally playing the game.

If you open the gold chest, you can get gold as well, and you can use gold on extra Mega Lucky Bonus Slot Machine spins. I recommend saving tickets only to open the gold chest.

Zynga Poker Rewards Center
Here is where you get multiple rewards in Zynga Poker.

How to Get Free Chips from Friends

If you have multiple friends that play the game, you can also have them help you complete royal flushes. Completing these hands earns you extra gold.

You can also invite friends to get 1 million for they join and start playing poker.

How to Get Free Chips from the Mega Lucky Bonus Slot Machine

The easiest way to get free chips is to spin the Mega Lucky Bonus Slot Machine, and you get a free spin once every four hours.

If you spin once every day, you start a streak, and if you spin seven days in a row, you get a 100% bonus on your winnings. This bonus also applies to spins you make with gold.

Sometimes the game gives you the option to watch video ads to get extra spins. This is a great way to get extra chips. Note not everybody gets these ads and some people will not.

Watch Video Ads

The game has optional video ads you watch to receive extra chips. Not everybody will have these ads though, and I am not sure who gets them. I suspect availability is based on location.

Zynga Poker Free Chips Video Ads
Watch video ads to earn extra chips.

VIP Tiers

Remember your VIP tier as this is important when it comes to getting free chips. A higher VIP tier gets you more chips from gifts, and Mega Lucky Bonus Slot Machine spins.

You get VIP points by buying chips, buying gold, and leveling up.

Zynga Poker VIP Center
You get extra benefits from the VIP center.

Remember to Learn to Play Better Poker!

Think of the free chips you get from these methods as a bonus. This is not supposed to replace chips you get from winning or buying chips. If you are constantly running out of chips, I recommend learning to play the game better.

This is a 100% beatable game if you know what you are doing and use a bankroll system. I have twice been knocked back down to almost zero chips, and twice I have grown my bankroll back to over 1 billion chips. I did not need help from anybody.

There are plenty of free poker lessons out there as well. I think most people need to start by learning what hands to play preflop. Playing all hands preflop is bad.