What is Pocket?

I Wanted to Save Things to Read Later

I love to read things online, and I save articles to read often. I started by storing websites as bookmarks in my web browser. While using this method works, I wondered if there were other options. I spent some time researching online and tried many options. In the end, Pocket was the service I stuck with using.

Why did I use Pocket and what is this service good for? I am going to explain I use Pocket and why it is so helpful.

What Is Pocket?

Pocket is a save and read later service made by the Mozilla Corporation. This is the company that makes Firefox which is a popular open source web browser. You save articles from Pocket from multiple different sources, and then you read them when you want to.

There are multiple reasons to use Pocket, and I am going to explain what they are.

Pocket Chrome App
This is the Pocket Chrome App.

Pocket Has a Great Reader Mode

I love the Article view mode Pocket has. You can customize this mode to look how you want, and most articles will conform to these standards. This means everything I read online will look about the same.

When I am reading many things at once, this really helps. I have edited my article view to be in a dark view mode with somewhat bigger text.

Pocket Works Great on Many Devices

Another one of the main reasons I love Pocket is that it works great everywhere.

You can use the website which works great on any web browser. If you are using Google Chrome, you can also use the Pocket Web Application. Pocket also has a great application that you can use on Android and iOS devices.

Being able to sync articles in multiple places and read it wherever I am is a huge plus for me.

How to Save Things to Pocket?

First, you will need a Pocket account. You can make an account with an email address, or you can link a Google or Firefox account. There are multiple ways to save articles to Pocket.

  • You can copy the link of what you want to save and submit it to the Pocket website.
  • You can also use the save to Pocket to extension on Google Chrome. Firefox has something built in already that can do it.
  • On Google Chrome you can also use the Pocket Start page to see and save articles.
  • On Android, you can use the share menu that is found in many apps and save straight to Pocket if you have the application installed.

How Do I Find Things to Read?

There are many sources of articles and information online. I personally get articles to read from Google search most of the time. I also read the articles Pocket recommends.

If you follow an online news website or blog, save things you wish to read to Pocket.

Do I Need to Pay Money to Use Pocket?

Pocket has an optional subscription service. There are multiple reasons to pay for this service, but you do not need it to use Pocket. I do not recommend paying for Pocket myself as I get everything I need to use for free.

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