What Is Pocket and Why I Use It to Read Things


I Wanted to Save Things to Read Later

Why do I use Pocket and what is this service good for? I am going to explain I use this service.

I love to read things online, and I save articles to read often. Storing websites as bookmarks in my web browser worked but I wanted to find something easier and more efficient. While using this method works, I wondered if there were other options.

I spent some time researching online and tried many options. In the end, Pocket was the service I stuck with using.

What Is Pocket?

Pocket is a save and read later service made by the Mozilla Corporation. This is the company that makes Firefox which is a popular open source web browser. You save articles from multiple different sources, and then you read them when you want to.

There are multiple reasons to use this service, and I am going to explain what they are.

Pocket Chrome App
This is the Pocket Chrome App.

Article View

I love the Article view mode. You can customize this mode to look how you want, and most articles will conform to these standards. This means everything I read online will look about the same.

When I am reading many things at once, this really helps. I have edited my article view to be in a dark view mode with somewhat bigger text.

Works Great on Many Devices

Another one of the main reasons I love Pocket is that it works great everywhere.

You can use the website which works great on any web browser. There also is a great application that you can use on Android and iOS devices.

Being able to sync articles in multiple places and read it wherever I am is a huge plus for me.

How to Save Things

First, you will need a Pocket account. You can make an account with an email address, or you can link a Google or Firefox account. There are multiple ways to save articles.

  • You can copy the link of what you want to save and submit it to the Pwebsite.
  • You can also use the save to Pocket to extension on Google Chrome. Firefox has something built in already that can do it.
  • On Google Chrome you can also use the Pocket Start page to see and save articles.
  • On Android, you can use the share menu that is found in many apps and save straight to the application.

How Do I Find Things to Read?

There are many sources of articles and information online. I personally get articles to read from Google search most of the time. If you follow an online news website or blog, save things you wish to read. I also read the articles Pocket recommends.

Do I Need to Buy the Subscription?

The service has an optional subscription. There are multiple reasons to pay for this subscription, but you do not need it to use the application. I do not recommend paying for this.


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