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What Are Best Fiends Achievements?

What Are Best Fiends Achievements? 1

Learn About Achievements in Best Fiends

Best Fiends has achievements you can unlock by playing the game. But do you know that there are some nice rewards from completing achievements in Best Fiends? I am going to explain how achievements in best fiends work and the rewards you can get from completing them.

What Are Achievements?

Like in most games, achievements in Best fiends are tiny milestones you can complete. There are achievements for just about everything you can do in the game.

To see all the achievements you can earn, check the achievements screen.

A picture of the achivments in Best Fiends.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

How Do I Complete Achievements In Best Fiends?

Most of the achievements only require you to play the game often and to beat many levels. Some achievements require a little more effort than the rest, though.

When you get close to unlocking achievements, you will see popups in-game showing you how close you are to completion.

I completed a Best Fiends achivement.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game

Why Care About Achievements?

Achievements are so simple and honestly not that much of an achievement. So why care about them at all?! There are two reasons to care about them.

Completing achievements earns you a nice reward. You get a good amount of meteormites. As you start to level up all your fiends, you are going to need all the metormites you can get. Once you complete enough achievements, you can unlock exclusive achievement-related fiend styles.

You unlock the Intrepid Eleanor style when you complete 30 achivements.
Screenshot of the Best Fiends Android game.

To get the first style from achievements, you need to complete 30 of them. Not an easy task. But I think given enough time getting the styles is possible.

What I Think About Achievements

The achievements are a bit too basic to think much about them. I notice when the game tells me I unlocked something new.

The fiend styles are neat. But you need to complete so many achievements to get them. It would take me a long time to get that many achievements unlocked.

I suppose the infrequent rewards are nice, though. Anything that helps level up fiends is nice.