How to Get Rid of Pinwheels in Toy Blast

Learn About Pin Wheels in Toy Blast

Pinwheels are a blocker in Toy Blast, and they can be quite annoying to remove.

Read this guide to learn how they work and how to remove pinwheels.

What Are Pin Wheels in Toy Blast?

Pinwheels have four sections. These represent the four colors of the blocks in the game.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Pinwheels do not move and require multiple steps to remove.

Here is a Toy Blast pinwheel. It has four colors on it.

How to Remove Pin Wheels

There are two ways to remove pinwheels.

The first to match all of the colors on the pinwheel. You need to make a match with all colors once to remove it.

You can also use rotors and TNT. Each powerup will color one section of a pinwheel.

This is a picture of some Toy Blast pinwheels and powerups.

My Strategy to Get Rid of Pinwheels

I will first make any matches I can with the colors available. Then after that, I will use rotors or TNT to clear the colors that are left.

I don’t recommend trying to remove pinwheels using blocks only. Matching blocks may work, but it will require a good deal of luck.

It is better to use the powerups as this is more reliable.

Using puzzle cubes and rotors may work, but this strategy will require a good deal of luck.