Third Blog Update

Blog Update!

It is time for another blog update! I just reviewed Work Link and Helix Jump. They were both about average games. I did like Helix Jump a bit more, and I can see me playing it again in the future.

One thing I plan on doing in future reviews is I am going to state if the game is something I would keep on playing or stop playing after reviewing it.

What is next?

I plan on playing and reviewing top free games as I have been doing. I am also considering writing some opinion pieces and write about various things related to Android gaming.

Dragalia Lost

Right now I am focusing on playing Dragalia Lost. This will be a bigger and more important review for me. I am making sure I am paying attention to this one.

I Appreciate Everybody’s Support

I know my website and blog are a bit tiny right now. I would like to thank the people who took the time out their day to read what I wrote so far.

Right now most of the traffic I receive is coming from direct links. My biggest source of traffic from social media so far is Pinterest.

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