How to Earn Google Play Gift Cards With Mobile Performance Meter

Learn About Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter is a way to earn gift cards. You let the app run in the background on your phone.

In this post, I am going to explain what Mobile Performance Meter is and how you can use it to earn free Google Play gift cards and gift cards from other stores.

How to Get Free Games With Google Opinion Rewards

With Google Opinion Rewards I Don’t Have to Buy Games on Google Play

I rarely spend any money from my bank account on Google Play. But I still buy and pay for apps semi-often. How do I do this?

I bought most of the games I own on Google Play by taking surveys with Google Opinion Rewards.

In this post, I will explain what Google Opinion Rewards is. I will also explain how to earn gift card funds using it.

I have been using Google Opinion Rewards since 2014, and I love it!