Squeelings Is a Game About Making Creatures Happy

Squeelings is a puzzle game about cheering up tiny creatures. I am going to express my thoughts on the game by reviewing it.

Here it the Google Play link.

Squeelings Review Information

Why Did Review Squeelings?

The developer contacted me by email. They wrote me a nice thoughtful email, and I decided to play and review the game after this email.

How Did I Review the Game?

I have not played Squeelings before this review. I played the game two days to get a feel of how the game worked. Like for all of my reviews, I played the game on my LG V20 Android smartphone.

What Kind of Game Is Squeelings?

Squeelings is a puzzle game. The goal of the game is to cheer up certain tiny creatures in the right order. You need to solve the puzzles with a limited number of moves.

Gameplay Review

The Goal of Each Level

In each level, you see a group of Squeelings standing together. The goal is to tap the right creatures to solve the puzzle in the most efficient way possible.

The developer encourages players to retry levels until they find better ways to solve them. There are no lives or waiting in between levels. As a result, you can try to beat levels as many times as you want.

There are 12 levels on the Squeelings level select screen

You Earn Coins for Beating Levels

As you beat levels, you gain a coin. This game only rewards one star after beating levels. I like this system more than the three star system you see in a lot of games. For the most part Usually, only the third star matters anyway. You unlock new areas when you get so many stars.

The Game Starts out Simple

The game starts out with simple puzzles, and there are different types of Squeelings that show up in future levels. There are not that many new elements introduced. But since this is a new game, I am willing to wait and see what the developer adds in the future.

Some Levels Were Hard

Some of the puzzles were quite hard, and I was a bit surprised by this. I am not the best at solving these kinds of puzzles though. I don’t blame the developer as they explained things well.

The Game Could Be a Bit Faster

My only complaint is that the game could animate a bit faster. I think things would feel smoother if the animations were faster.

Presentation Review

You Get Right into Playing the Game

The game is very straight to the point. There are no logos or loading animations to wait for.

The Game Looks Great

The game looks great. I love the cartoony art style. Squeelings is one of the better-looking Android games I have seen.

The Game Sounds Great

The game sounds nice. The game has relaxing background music that matches the tone of the game. The music did not wow or excite me, but it is good.

Spending Factor Review

There is nothing to purchase in in the game. The developer told me they are considering monetization options in the future.

Annoyance Factor Review

Squeelings is 100% annoyance free. Squeelings is a great example of what an Android game should look and feel like. Here are the things Squeelings does not have in it.

  1. Waiting for lives to regenerate
  2. Ads
  3. Popup spam
  4. Notification spam
  5. Constantly beg for reviews

My Overall Thoughts About Squeelings

Squeelings is a well-made puzzle game. The game is hard and a fun puzzle solving experience.

A 4 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox happy

Will I keep on Playing Squeelings?

I will not keep playing Squeelings. I do not enjoy these types of puzzles. This is not meant to make the game look bad. In summary, the game is fun, but I like different puzzle games.

Do I recommend people play Squeelings?

Yes. I recommend people play this game. I think people who love puzzles and cute little creatures will like this game. If you are somebody who is tired of the annoyances bigger and more popular Android games have in them, I also think you will love this game.