Spell Blitz Review Information

Why Did I Decide to Play and Review Spell Blitz?

I had some thoughts about Spell Blitz and I thought it would be great for my blog. AndroidGamingFox.

How Did I Play Spell Blitz?

Gameplay Review

How to Play Spell Blitz

Each round lasts a minute and thirty seconds. The goal is to get the highest score you possibly can in this time. You do this by finding and playing words. You connect words with your fingers (or mouse). As with almost all word games harder and longer words give more points.

By scoring words, you also have chances to match score multiplier letters. Doing this allows you to score more points.

Before the start of the round, you can enable powerups and boosters by spending coins. I will go into more detail about this later.

Spell Blitz ends each round by showing your score. You then are placed on leaderboards. You see how you compare to all other players and your Facebook friends if you have any that play the game.

What Are the Boosters and Powerups in Spell Blitz

Before each round starts, you can spend coins on boosters. These boosters give small effects that make scoring points easier.

There are also powerups you can use as well. These do not show up every round and there somewhat rarer. When you use these, the game gives you a discount and a chance to spend coins to keep on using the same powerup.

The effects of powerups are stronger compared to the boosters, and they help you score a lot of points.

I have already seen a game with a system that seems suspiciously similar. Bejeweled Blitz works pretty much exactly the same except instead of finding words you are matching jewels.

I Think These Powerups and Boosters Are Unfair.

While these game elements are flashy and honesty can be fun, they create an unfair competitive environment.

I could be one of the best word finders ever. Maybe I can find five words a second or something. But if people used enough boosters and powerups, I might never get a top score.

Sure I could use powerups as well to even things out. But now I have to spent coins. I might even need to buy coins. Of course, this is good for the game developers, and I know that is what they want.

Spell Blitz Feels Pay to Win

I am not trying to say developers can’t make money either. But this system feels wrong.

A competitive game should be fair, and everybody needs to have the same exact start.

For example, the system in Wordament is a perfect example of a fair competition based multiplayer word game.

If you care about doing well on the leaderboards, Spell Blitz is the dreaded type of game people online love to talk about. Pay to win (P2W). But you could also play the game never care about your score. That is up to you to decide

In my mind, the moment somebody can beat me by spending more money, even if only for a leaderboard that is pay to win.

What Are the Game Rounds Like?

The game rounds are fun and short. I like these types of games because I can play them as a mini-break while doing other things. This is also what I call “One more round game”.

As if I keep on playing even after insisting I will stop after playing one more time.

Everything feels and works nice. The game inputs respond as fast as expected. The is the game is fun even if you don’t care about your score or being the best.

This is how I mostly play the game myself. I don’t bother to use boosters or powerups most of the time.

About the Leaderboards

The leaderboards are nice to look at. You can see how you are doing and who the top 100 players are.

If you tap (or click) on a players profile the game shares you a lot of data about how good they are. Like their top scores and top leaderboard positions.

The leaderboards are an important part of this game. That only makes me question if the developers wanted to get people to spend money on coins to place better.

I can’t know the thoughts of the developers, but I doubt nobody considered this influence. I also think it is a fair guess to assume the top players probably use a lot of coins.

Presentation Factor Review

How the Game Looks

The game looks nice enough. Spell Blitz has a magic library feel to it. The letter tiles and game elements look nice enough.

The Owl Mascot

The game has an owl mascot that shows up in various places. This is something I noticed that a lot of mobile games tend to do. I suppose he is somewhat cute. You can tap on the owl, and it will respond to you.

About the Sounds

The sound effects are OK. I personally got tired of hearing the loud voice that shouts out things as you play the game. I like the other sounds though.

This game is one of the few games I have played that let you adjust the volume levels outside of

turning them off. This seems very basic, but a lot of games don’t let you do this.

I ended up lowering the volume of the sounds a lot and muting the music. The music is OK. It is not bad, but I guess it is not the song I want to hear over and over again.

I love the little jingle that plays at the end of the round, though.

You can adjust the sound and turn on auto hints and charms in the Spell Blitz options

Spending Factor Review

About the Coins

The main thing you buy in this game is coins. You need the coins to keep on using boosters and powerups often. The prices seem similar to what I expect from mobile games. You the most coins by spending the most money.

Sometimes I think these purchases should be called something else than micro-transactions. There is nothing micro about spending $100.

There Is No Reason to Coins

I see no reason to buy coins. I would recommend people not to spend money on coins, but that is your decision, of course.

You Can Get Free Coins

You can get some coins for free. The game gives a daily gift every day. You can watch videos to earn coins. You also earn a tiny amount of coins at the end of each round.

Paying for an Ad-Free Game

You can also spend money to get an ad-free game. This would cost me $5 USD. I think this is a bit pricey. You can buy some premium single player games for less than $5 USD on Google Play.

It costs $5 USD to remove ads in Spell Blitz

Annoyance Factor Review

You Can Play Spell Blitz as Long as You Want

This game does not limit how long you can play it. This is the best thing about Spell Bliz. If you want to play 50+ rounds, you can sit down and play for a whole hour.

This is something I respect as some mobile games tend to use player game time as a way to earn more money.

You May Need to Buy Coins

Again a reminder that if you really care about doing well on leaderboards, you will run out coins quick. You will either have to buy some or wait to earn them.

There Are Many Ads

Like most free to play games, there are frequent ads. The game doesn’t show any ads while playing the game. I appreciate this as that would be very annoying.

The game only shows ads after you see your score and return to the main menu. Or before starting a new round.

It Costs Too Much Money to Remove Ads

Again I think the cost to remove ads is a bit high. But at least this is a one time purchase. So if you really enjoy the game spending $5 USD is not too bad.

Overall Thoughts on Spell Blitz

Spell Blitz is very fun to play but has many ads and feels pay to win. Overall it is a pretty average word game.

Word games are not complex to make, and there are many of them. So developers are going to need to do more to stand out to get a good score for me on a word game.

A 3 star review

Will I Keep on Playing Spell Blitz?

No. While I do enjoy Spell Blitz. I have too many games downloaded to play them all in a week or even monthly. Every once in a while I do a purge and start deleting the games I don’t enjoy the most.

Spell Blitz would be one of those games. I kept the game installed and played it a little while because I knew I wanted to review it.

Do I Recommend People Play Spell Blitz?

Yes. I would recommend some people play Spell Blitz. Some people will enjoy the game and have fun. I personally would rather people find other single player or multiplayer word games to play as there are many of them.

The one good thing about Spell Blitz is that you can play as much as you want. If unlimited gameplay is something you highly value in games, you might enjoy it.

But if you want to play a competitive based game and feel good about scoring well then no. You will not like this game. Unless you buy coins.