Snowy Day Review

Snowy Day
Snowy Day
Developer: Brood Games
Price: Free
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Information About the Snowy Day Review

Why did I decide to play and review this game?

The developer @frombrood sent me a direct message on Twitter about Snowy Day. At the time I was accepting invitations to review and play Android games, so I decided to give the game a try.

This is the icon Snowy Day uses.

How Did I Review Snowy Day?

I played the game on LG V20 Smartphone as with most reviews. I played the game for two days to get an idea of what I thought about the game.

How Did I Review Snowy Day?

Snowy Day is a simple arcade based game of getting a high score. You control a man skiing down a hill, and the goal is to avoid obstacles.

Gameplay Review

The Controls Are Confusing and or Too Sensitive

One of the issues I had right away with the game is the controls. I tried my best to learn what I needed to do to play this game. Yet whatever I did my character ended veering off the screen and crashing after a while.

I am confused because I am not sure if the controls are bad or if I too dumb to know how to use them. I just know the poor guy would be dead as much as I crashed.

The game could use a dedicated tutorial or more explanation on how to play the game. This does not need to be overly complex, but the game needs something. I also would like some options to change the sensitivity of the controls if possible.

The confusing instructions show QUICK PRESS and LONG PRESS

Snowy Day Is Very Basic

There are a lot of fun games made with simple concepts. A lot of my favorite arcade and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games are simple. Snowy Day is OK, but I think it could use maybe a few more obstacles or a variety of some sort.

Maybe have different slopes users can choose to plan on or something similar.

I scored 2 points

The Game Has Multiple Bugs

This game had multiple bugs, and some were game breaking. A lot of the issues I had came from switching away from the game and switching back to it while trying to take screenshots.

Sometimes my character would go off screen and keep going down the hill. I would have no controls. Once I had to close the game and submit a bug report. I don’t expect any project to be perfect, but issues like this are hard to ignore.

Presentation Review

The Game’s Appearance

The snow effects look nice, and the environment looked nice. This is one of the things I enjoyed about the game. I think though a bit more variety in scenery or environmental props would have been nice.

I am playing Snowy Day and I have scored 6 points so far

The Game Sounds OK

The game is very light on sound. In fact, maybe the game is a bit too quiet. The only sound I can remember is the sound that plays when you crash into things. I crashed into things often, and I heard this sound a lot.

The game also did not have any music. Not every game needs a full-fledged soundtrack, but I think an optional song would have made things feel a bit more lively.

Spending Factor Review

There is nothing you can buy in this game. But I feel like there should be the ability to remove ads since there are many ads in the game.

Annoyance Level Review

Snowy Day Has Too Many Ads

If you are going to show frequent video ads then maybe don’t combine that with banner ads. Or stick to the banner ads with infrequent video ads. I personally hate banner ads as they are very distracting.

Having the option to pay to remove ads would have made things somewhat better, but there is no option to do this in this game.

I personally know that if you don’t show a high volume of ads, you will make pennies. But you need to be careful not to alienate your audience. People on Google Play are particularly sensitive to ads, and it is one of the main reasons people give a game a very low score.

The Game Has No Timers or Spam

You can play the game as many times as you want there are no time limits. The developer does not spam notifications.

Overall Thoughts on Snowy Day

From what I can tell this is the first game this developer has made as this is their only game on Google Play. If this is true, then I applaud them for finishing a project and getting it out there.

However, Snowy Day has too many issues to be good or even average, to be honest. I think this game needs a lot of work and in its current state, it is too basic and has too many issues to be good.

I hope the developer uses this game to learn and improve so in the future they make better games.

A 3 star review

Will I Play Snowy Day in the Future?

No. I will not play this game anymore.

Do I Recommend This Game to Other People?

No. I do not recommend people play Snowy Day in its current form. Unless you really want to show support for a smaller developer I recommend you find a more fun endless runner or other score based game instead.