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Should You Tip the Dealer in Zynga Poker?

Should You Tip the Dealer in Zynga Poker? 1

Learn Why Tipping the Dealer in Zynga Poker Does Nothing

In this short guide, I will explain what tipping the dealer in poker games means. I also explain what this does in Zynga Poker and why there is no reason to do it.

Zynga Poker- Texas Holdem Game
Zynga Poker- Texas Holdem Game
Developer: Zynga
Price: Free

What Is Tipping the Dealer?

In traditional poker games, players often show gratitude to the dealer.
Players do this by giving dealers some money in the form of poker chips off the table.

Often after winning a big hand. You don’t usually hear of people giving poker dealers tips after losing.

So How Does Tipping the Dealer Work in Poker Games?

There is typically a visible dealer on the poker table. You often tap/click on a button to tip the dealer. Usually, in poker games, other players see when you tip the dealer. Games frequently will have the dealer say thanks as well.

A poker dealer is smiling. A Tip the Dealer button is shown.

WSOP and Zynga Poker have dealers you can tip. In this post, I will focus on the dealer in Zynga Poker.

Should You Tip the Dealer in Poker Games?

Here is the deal (pun 100% intended). There are zero reasons to tip dealers in poker games. Tipping the dealer in poker games is pointless and a waste of chips.

There is no dealer. The game deals the cards for you, People don’t have anything to do with this. The game is a computer program. So when you tip the dealer in poker games, you give chips back to the game, not to a person. In most games, when you press tip, the dealer chips are removed from your account and go to nothing.

I have seen one poker game that lets players be dealers. Tips went to that player in this game when people tipped at tables.

This game is a unique case, though, and I have not seen any other poker games do this. I wish games stole this idea as it was unique and gave a real reason to tip dealers in games. Or at least somebody gets something out of it.

But What if Tipping the Dealer Gives Me a Better Chance of Winning?

Tipping the dealer does not give you better odds of winning. Funny enough, people sometimes lose after tipping the dealer. You can still make a bad play.

Free-to-play poker games make money from people buying chips, and plenty of people buy chips. They don’t need to mess around with the cards and the odds, as most people are bad players and lose their chips.

Also, how would a system like this even work? What if everybody at a table tips the dealer? Does the person who tips the most get the hand rigged in their favor? It sounds silly when you think about it.

But even then, some people will still think I am wrong. I have seen some of the most paranoid people playing poker.

At least with poker gambling, it makes sense why you might be emotionally invested. But in these free-to-play poker games, it looks comical sometimes. Sure, the game is out to get your chips. Says the person on a table with the entire chip stack, just waiting to lose it all in one hand.