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Wordament Has Had a Huge Update!

The developers of Wordament recently updated the game in a big way. I am going to go over the changes and review the game again.

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How Did I Review Wordament?

I have played this version of Wordament for about a week. I played the game on my LG V20 Android smartphone.

What is Wordament?

Wordament is a game about finding many words. The game was originally was a multiplayer only game, but now there are some single player levels.

Wordament Start Screen

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The Multiplayer Game Is Still the Same

The core Wordament gameplay still exists in the new version of the game. You have to tap on the multiplayer tab of the game to find it. There is not much to say here as this is the classic Wordament I know and expect.

You have a short period of time to find words. Then the game shows your results and how you rank against the other players playing.

Wordament Multiplayer Level

New Single Player Levels

What is new in Wordament is there is now saga style single player map puzzles.

Each level has a grid of letters, and you need to find words to beat the level. There is no time limit in the single player game modes. You can take as long you want to find words. You earn stars in levels based on how many points you score, and you can earn three stars in each level.

The single player levels are a nice change of pace. I had a bad first impression because of games changes. But as I started to play it, I changed my mind. I can see my playing these stages as practice for the multiplayer game.

The game has many maps with many levels as most saga as games do. There are even extra levels you can play as well. So you won’t have to worry about running out of words to find.

There is also a quick play function that instantly gives you a puzzle to solve. This is a nice alternative if you don’t care about the maps and levels.

Wordament World 1 Map Wordament World Select Screen


You Can Now Complete Challenges

Like other modern Microsoft games, there are challenges. Each day has a challenge for you to complete. You get medals based on how many challenges you complete in a month.

I am not too interested in earning the medals. Some people might enjoy them though, so I suppose this is a nice addition.

Wordament Medals Wordament Challenge Level


The Game Looks Colorful

The update brought a more colorful look to Wordament. This is the same look seen in other Microsoft games as well. The game looks OK, but I preferred the more simple look of the older version of the game.

OK Sounds

The game sounds OK. The multiplayer sounds are the same. The single player sounds are average I would say. Noting that catches my attention.

Spending Factor

There is nothing to buy in this game.

Annoyance Factor

Original Game Had Few Ads

The original version of Wordament had very little ads outside of a tiny banner ad the bottom of the gameplay screen. Even then this banner ad mostly showed only other Microsoft games.

There Are Now Ads in Many Places

This new update brings multiple new third-party ads. There are ads on menu screens, at the end of levels, and even banners during gameplay. There also full-screen ads between levels.

I don’t mind ads in Android games as long there are not too many. The ads in Wordament are not frequent enough to anger me. But they are quite annoying.

You Can Not Pay to Remove Ads

The real thing that bothers me is there is no option to remove ads in the game. I find this confusing as most games would give you an optional fee to remove ads.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection has a subscription based system to get rid of ads. I don’t like a system like that, but it seems odd how this game has nothing.

Maybe Microsoft felt like they needed to make more money from this game by forcing people to view ads. What I do know is this annoys me a lot.

Overall Score

Overall Wordament is about the same as it was before with a few new single player game modes. The game is more annoying for doing the same but better. This heavily factors into my overall score.

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Will I still play Wordament?

I do not play Wordament as much I used to. But I still play the game sometimes. So yes I will keep on playing the game after this review.

Do I recommend Wordament?

If you can live the increase in ads, I would recommend Wordament to people. This is still one of my favorite word games.

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Wordament is a popular game about finding words


Fun multiplayer and single player game modes.

Fun to play many times.


Ads in multiple places.

Ads during gameplay.

Cant pay to remove ads.

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