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Word Link is one of the top free to play games on Android. I am going to over what I liked and did not like about the game.

Word Link Review Information

Review Length

  • I reviewed the game for two days.
  • I played the game until level 72.
  • I played this game on my LG V20 Android smartphone.

What kind of game is Word Link?

Word link is a word puzzle game, and there are many games like this on Google Play. These types of games are about finding so many words in a puzzle.

Word Link Title Screen

This is the title screen of the game.

How do you play Word Link?

Every level is a puzzle, and there are so many words to find. There are extra words to find, but only the puzzle words count to finish the level. As you solve puzzles, they get harder, and there are more words to find.

The game has daily puzzles that can be solved once a day. There are also challenges that happen after so many levels.

A Word Link Puzzle

Here is one of the puzzles in the game.

Review Score

Game Play Score

Word Link is about average for word puzzle game. There are many of them, so unless a game does something to stand out, it will be about as good as others.

Well, this game does not do too much there. The puzzles are fun, but they did not seem too varied. I started to see the same answers across multiple levels. For examples of games that have similar puzzles see Wordscapes and Word Cookies.

The one thing this game did do that was somewhat interesting were the challenges. These showed up after beating so many levels.  I found the challenges to be very hard. I can see how they can be a nice change of pace though. You can play them from the main menu as well.

Word Link Challenge Example

This is one of the challenges in the game.

The game does have daily challenges which are a great feature. These puzzles are quite harder though than the early puzzles you start on.


The game presents itself fine enough. The graphics are nothing special, but they are functional.

I can say the same of the music and sounds. I get tired of most music in Android games, so I turn it off. The music is not so bad it hurts my ears or anything, but it does not add anything to the game.

The game looks as good as most similar puzzle games, so it is average.

Spending Factor

Subscription Information

This is another game that has a worthless subscription model. My biggest issue with these types of pay models is that they are deceptive. Subscriptions like these trick into purchasing things that are not worth it.

Word Link VIP Membership Information

Read and learn about Word Link’s VIP membership.

The subscription offers you 300 diamonds a day. It also removes ads, but in this game, you can also do this by paying a $1. The subscription in this game costs $3 a week or about $12 a month. Please do not pay $12 a month for what this game offers. There are so much better ways to spend your money.

Diamond Information

The prices of the diamonds seem fair enough. I don’t see any need to buy them myself though. As long you enjoy puzzles and try hard you won’t need to buy any.

Word Link Store

This is the store the game has.

The game goes out of your way to give your free diamonds in almost everywhere possible. You can watch videos for diamond rewards in many ways. The game gives enough free diamonds I never needed to use them all on hints.

Word Link Watch Videos for Diamonds

You can watch videos ads for extra diamonds.

I got 1300 or about $5 worth of diamonds saved up from watching video ads alone. It is possible to get enough hints for free. I use hints to get a letter or two when I am very confused.

Will Not Need Too Many Diamonds

Plus keep in mind the fun of a puzzle game is solving the puzzles on your own! I have nothing wrong with people needing a few hints or need help solving a very hard puzzle. But if you need enough hints to solve the puzzles without any effort I ask are you enjoying the game? Maybe some people do want a game that solves itself, but I would not enjoy a game like this.

Despite the unnecessary subscription I still would say this game is somewhat above average. The game works fine without paying anything and it gives it premium currency for free often.

Annoyance Factor

The game shows about an average amount of ads. Wordlink does not have banner ads while you are playing which is great. The game does not show ads after every level, but because the levels are short, it will seem as there are many.

The game only charges $1 to remove ads as you only need to purchase any diamond package. This is rather cheap, and this is a great deal. I don’t see me paying this price though for this particular game. I don’t value the game enough.

The game is not very annoying, so it gets a somewhat decent score here.

Overall score

The game is fun, but it doesn’t do enough to stand out from other similar word games. Overall WordLink is about average.

Three Star Review

The game is OK.

Will I Keep Playing Wordlink?

I will not play Wordlink after this review. There are lots of word games on Android, and I would pick something else to play. Right now I mostly only play Wordament.

Would I Recommend People Play Wordlink?

Unless you are desperate for more word games, I feel there are more interesting and unique options out there. There are many games just like Wordlink, and they all play about the same. I would not recommend this game.

  • (3.5)
  • (3)
  • (3.5)
    Spending Factor
  • (4)
    Annoyance factor


Word Link is a game about finding words.


  • Many free hints are given.
  • The game has many levels.



  • Worthless subscription.
  • Levels have the same answers.
  • The game is basic.
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Pros: Many free hints are given. The game has many levels.
Cons: Worthless subscription. Levels have the same answers. The game is basic.

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