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Helix Jump is a top free Android game. I recently played it to review the game. Read on to see what I think about the game.

Voodoo Logo

This the logo of the developer who made this game.

Helix Jump Review Information

  • I played Helix Jump on my LG V20 smartphone.
  • I played the game for two days, and I played the game until level 13.

What Kind of Game Is Helix Jump?

Helix Jump is an action game. The goal is to bounce a ball to the bottom of levels.

How do you play Helix Jump?

The game does not waste any time. You play the game as a bouncing ball on the first puzzle. The goal is to swipe the level left and right to make sure your ball gets to the bottom. As you beat levels, they start to have danger sections. You need to avoid touching these sections as you lose the level if you do.

Your ball builds up power as you fall past gaps in floors. This means it is an advantage to take risks.

Helix Jump Level Example

This the fourth level in the game.

Game Play Review

The Game Is Simple and Fun

I found myself enjoying this game quite a bit. While the game is very simple, I like the action-based game play. I quite enjoyed trying to figure out the best path to take and dodging the killer red sections.

The game is straight to the point. The only goal is to beat levels and bounce your way to the bottom. There is nothing else to do. You can collect different ball skins and change them but that is it.

Second Chance to Keep Playing

When you die, sometimes the game offers you a second chance and lets you continue playing where you are after watching a video ad. I admit I used this sometimes on hard levels.

Helix Jump Skins

These are the skins you can use.


Presentation Review

No Menus or Options

The game drops you right into the game without any menus or introduction. This is a bit odd, but I guess it works fine. You cannot replay levels and must go forward.

Basic 3D Graphics

The game has very basic 3D graphics. The graphics remind me of basic 3D props you can make in a game engine like Unity. Everything is functional though so I can’t complain.

Basic Sounds

The sounds this game has is very basic, and there is no music. I don’t mind a lack of music in the game as this is better than having bad music. The sound you hear the most is the ball bouncing.

Spending Factor Review

The only thing you can buy is the option to remove ads. I could not find anything else to buy. The price to remove ads is an OK price at $2.50.

Helix Jump Premium Information

You can pay to remove ads.

Annoyance Factor Review

There Are Multiple Ads

The game is rather annoying with the level of ads. There is a tiny banner ad almost always on screen. I particularly dislike these types of ads as they are distracting.

There are ads between levels, but since you can die in this game very fast, this could mean seeing many ads. The price to pay to remove ads is not too high though.

This Is a Great Game to Play Offline

This game is a great game for what I call the airplane mode trick. If you don’t need anything that requires online access any time soon turn on airplane mode. You will not see any ads since they will not load. You will not be able to get a second chance on levels though.

Not Any Other Annoyances

Other than that, there is nothing else to note. The game does not have a life system. There are not any annoyances other than ads.

Overall Score

Overall this game is very fun and not too annoying. As long you can ignore the ads by paying the price to remove them or playing the game offline.

4 star review

Will I Keep Playing Helix Jump?

I will not play Helix Jump anymore. While I did enjoy the game in the review, I tend to play puzzle and word games more daily. The kinds of games that don’t need contest attention.

Would I Recommend People Play Helix Jump?

If you want a simple and fun arcade style game, then Helix Jump is great for you. I would recommend Helix Jump to some people.

  • (4.5)
    Game Play
  • (3)
  • (5)
    Spending Factor
  • (2)
    Annoyance Factor


Helix Jump is a fun game that could show fewer ads.


Very fun game to play.


The game shows many ads.

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