Crosswords With Friends Review


Zynga Gives a Crossword Puzzle Game a Try

Zynga already has multiple word games with Words with Friends and Word Streak with Friends. I decided to play Crosswords with Friends to see if the game was like their previous games.

Crosswords with Friends Main Menu

This is the game’s menu.

Review Information

How I Played the Game

I played this game on my LG V20 smartphone, and I have played this game for longer than a week.

How Long I Played Crosswords with Friends

I don’t remember how many puzzles I solved, but I played multiple daily and bonus puzzles.

How Do You Play Crosswords with Friends?

The goal of the Crosswords with Friends is to solve crossword puzzles. There is a new puzzle every day to solve. There are also bonus puzzles to solve as well.The goal of a crossword puzzle is to use the clues to solve all the words.

Crosswords with Friends Clue Example

Here is an example of a puzzle.

Game Play Review

Word Games May Be Boring for Some People

I like word puzzles, but I can see why some people think they are boring. I don’t tend to like crossword word puzzles compared to other word puzzles, but with certain clues, I can enjoy them.

The Puzzles Started to Feel the Same

My biggest complaint is that the puzzles start to get repetitive. I started to see the same clues and answers across multiple crossword puzzles. The crossword clues were OK. I do not follow pop culture much so sometimes I would not know an answer. But other than that, things were fun.

Spending Factor Review

You Buy the Crossword Puzzles

You need coins to play crossword puzzles other than the daily puzzle. You can buy puzzles in packs or individual levels. Older daily levels cost 10 coins each. Puzzle packs cost 45 coins.

You Will Run out Coins and Need More

While the game has daily and extra puzzles you if you are serious about solving puzzles, you will run out of coins. Zynga gives you the option to watch ads to get more coins, and I appreciate this. The game gives me enough coins to play as many puzzles as I would want to.


Hints Cost Coins

The second use of coins is getting hints in puzzles. There are multiple types of hints you can use. You can spend 10 coins to see 10 random letters or solve a clue. You can also enable an option to see when you are wrong.

I do not use hints too much because I like to try to solve puzzles on my own. I use hints sometimes when I am very stuck though.

Annoyance Factor Review

Crosswords with Friends Has Banner Ads

The game shows a tiny banner ad on the main menu and on puzzles. This annoys me a lot as these types of ads are very distracting. There is no option to pay to remove ads as Zynga doesn’t offer this option on their most recent games.

Need to Pay Coins to Play Many Puzzles

The game demands you spend in-game currency to solve more puzzles. I tend to appreciate watching ads for extra in-game currency. I got five coins after watching one video ad. You would need to watch two video ads to unlock an older daily puzzle. Nine video ads unlock you a puzzle pack.

Overall Score

This game overall is decent. The puzzles are OK. The amount of annoyances and money you need to spend is reasonable. This game would be good for people who want to solve crossword puzzles.

Will I Keep Playing Crosswords with Friends?

I will not continue to play Crosswords with Friends after the review. While I somewhat like solving crossword puzzles, I do not find them interesting enough to play them often. I tend to play other word games like Wordament more often.

Would I Recommend People Play Crosswords with Friends?

I would recommend Crosswords with Friends to other people who love word games. If you enjoy Scrabble and don’t mind potentially waiting a while for people to take their turn, you will have fun.

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Crosswords with Friends is a somewhat decent word game. It has some annoyances though.


Puzzles function well.
Puzzles have OK clues.


Annoying banner ads.
Puzzles recycle clues.
Need to purchase puzzles.

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Pros: Puzzles function well. Puzzles have OK clues.
Cons: Annoying banner ads. Puzzles recycle clues. Need to purchase puzzles.

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