Puzzledom Review


Puzzledom is the 14th game in my Keep it or Delete review series. Puzzledom is a game with many different types of puzzles to solve. I played this game on my LG V20 Android Smartphone. I have played this game for months.

Gameplay Review

What Kind of Game Is Puzzledom?

There are many different types of puzzles in this game. You choose your puzzle type, and you solve all the levels available. You unlock new puzzles, and you beat the puzzles available to you. The developer also adds new puzzle types over time.

I like the variety of puzzles in this game, and I had fun solving the puzzles. That is the main strength of this game. It is hard to get bored with the game as there is almost always something new to try. At the time of this review, the game had 18 game modes to play.

The Puzzles Are Fun to Play

The puzzles in the game are very basic. But sometimes simple puzzle games like this are a great way to pass the time.

If You Are Stuck the Game Has Hints

The game has hints. Well, what it calls hints anyway. The hints are really a show me the answer button. I personally don’t like this much.

I think small hints that point you in the right direction are better. By showing the answer, you take away, the fun of solving the puzzle, to begin with! Why play a puzzle game, like this, if you think the puzzles are too hard or no fun?

Presentation Review

The game looks good. It is quite a simple style, but it is good enough. The game is light on sound, and it sounds good as well.

Spending Factor Review

The Game Has Coins

You can buy coins in this game. The coins are used to unlock new game modes and to buy hints. I got enough coins for free that I never worried too much bout how many I had. I don’t use the coins for hints often, though.

You can optionally unlock new game modes by beating levels. You don’t need to spend coins here unless you are very excited about ta particular puzzle type.

About the Diamond Membership

How This Subscription Works

This is how this subscription works. You keep on getting billed $8 USD until you cancel it. You have to cancel the service in Google Play and not in the game. But if you don’t cancel within 24 hours of the auto-renewal, you still get charged $8 USD.

The Price Is Very High

Also the price is quite high. $8 USD a week is over $30 a month. That is way too high of a cost compared to more useful services. I don’t even pay that much money on online streaming or buying games in general!

Angry AndroidGamingFox

Levels Are Locked Behind the Membership

The developer is locking new content behind this subscription. They are level types you can not play if you don’t spend money. If the cost to play these levels was a one-time purchase, that would be somewhat understandable.

But to lock new content behind a recurring paywall is inexcusable. This is a simple puzzle game with many puzzles. I don’t think a subscription is warranted.

The Membership Does Not Give You Very Much

You don’t get very much with your purchase either. You get more coins which are used for hints in the game. There is no reason to need excess hints, though. If you are using hints all the time, then you are not solving levels. I don’t see why somebody would want to play a puzzle game and have it solve everything for you.

You Need to Subscribe to Get Rid of Ads

Also, you need to buy VIP to get rid of ads now. When I originally started to play this game, removing ads was a one time cost of $3 USD. At the time, I thought this was an OK price to pay to support a developer. It seems now though the developer wants to make even more money. There I nothing inherently bad about this. I don’t like the methods they are using.

Subscriptions like This Are Deceptive

I also feel like subscriptions like this are deceptive. People might not pay attention and forgot about it and end up being billed many times until they figure it out. It is easy to say well right didn’t yo read the details about what you buy!?

What if somebody lends a kid their phone and this child signs up for a service like this? If the adult is not paying attention, they might not even notice until they see they are getting billed $8 USD.

Use Good Security When Dealing with Google Play Purchases!

This is why it is very important to password protect Google Play purchases. I do this on my phone even though only I use it.

When a younger family member wants to buy apps, I get them a Google Play gift card. I will have peace at mind though knowing there will be no unwanted purchases coming from my payment information.

Annoyance Level Review

The game showed ads somewhat frequently from what I remember. I mostly played the game ad-free due to paying for this in the past. But if you are not an older player like me, you are going to see many ads if you don’t pay for the subscription. This is very annoying.

My Overall Thoughts on Puzzledom

When I first started playing this game, everything was good. I liked it a lot. I would have recommended the game then. That was the past.

Puzzledom is fun and looks neat, but a subscription ruins the experience with locked content and pointless extras.

A 2 star review makes the AndroidGamingFox annoyed

Will I Keep on Playing Puzzledom?

No. I may have spent $3 USD on the game, but I won’t play it anymore. Deleted.

Do I Recommend Puzzledom?

No. Even though the game is fun, I can’t recommend something like this. Most of the puzzles in Puzzledom exist as apps on Google Play, and I recommend finding alternatives.