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Pull the Pin Review

The Pull the Pin review featured image.

Don’t Explode Your Balls

Pull the Pin Review is an Android game I found on Google Play. I recently downloaded a group of games to review, and this game is one of them.

I am going to review the game and explain my thoughts on it.

Pull the Pin
Pull the Pin
Developer: Popcore Games
Price: Free

Game Review Information

Why I Did I Review This Game?

I reviewed the game because I saw it on the list of top free games on Google Play. I wanted to see if the game was any good.

How Did I Review the Game?

I played the game on my LG V20. I played the game until I was on level 21, and I played the game for about an hour or so.

Gameplay Review

How Pull the Pin Works

Pull the Pin is a very simple game. You pull pins to drop balls into a basket.

The game gets harder by making you pull pins in certain orders and avoid bombs that explode all of the balls.

Level 21 in Pull the Pin.
Screenshot of Pull the Pin Android game.

The Game Is a Bit Too Simple

Only a few levels felt like a challenge that required me to think about anything. Most of them I solved in a few seconds.

Don’t think I am trying to sound smart or anything, either. I often get stuck on the most simple of puzzles in games.

I beat a Pull the Pin level.
Screenshot of Pull the Pin Android game.

I play puzzle games all of the time. So I probably am a bit biased here. But I felt the game was a tad bit too easy. I had to lose levels on purpose to see what happened.

The Game Is Fun

Despite the game being a bit too easy, I enjoyed the simple premise. I should state that I don’t hate games for being simple. Some of my favorite games ever are pretty simple.

I did solve many levels at once because it was somewhat fun to see how new levels would get harder.


The game has a base-building area.

The area feels tacked out and different from the rest of the game. I know adding base-building elements in games right now is a trend. But not every game has to do it.

I suppose it works well, and it can be fun if you enjoy this.

You have to build something in every Android game now.
Screenshot of Pull the Pin Android game.

Presentation Review

How the Game Looks

The game looks nice enough. It is pretty simple looking and there is not much to look at in levels.

I like that you can change the theme and look of levels. So if you get bored of the default styles, you can unlock more as you play the game.

My balls exploded.
Screenshot of Pull the Pin Android game.

How the Game Sounds

The game has very basic sounds. At this point, I am happy to have heard sounds at all. The last few games I reviewed had no noises.

How the Game Gets You to Spend Money

You can spend $4 (USD) to remove all ads in the game. I suppose this price is fair. The game is fair if you don’t spend any money.

It costs $4 (USD) to remove ads in Pull the Pin.
Screenshot of Pull the Pin Android game.

How the Game Annoys You

There are banner ads at the bottom of the screen. These ads are always distracting. But in this game, they are small and out of the way. I suppose it is not too bad in this game.

The game also shows video ads after completing some levels. You don’t see ads after beating every level, though. I feel this is a fair number of ads to see.

Overall Thoughts on Pull the Pin

Pull the Pin is an average game. It works well, and I can’t say much bad about it. But nothing stands out while playing it. There are countless puzzle games just like this on Google Play. Pull the Pin doesn’t do anything to stand out compared to any other game like it.

Do I Recommend Playing Pull the Pin?

No. But the game is not the worst game you can play.

Will I Keep Playing Pull the Pin After the Review?

No. I like to test puzzle games often. But I rarely will play them long-term as I already have a list of games I play often.